Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Urge ... to kill ... rising ...

Well. Our fall semester just started yesterday, and I was geeked to be teaching two new classes -- Language and Culture and Foundations of Mass Communications. I labored over syllabi, and this morning I taught the first session of Language and Culture.

All was going well until one of my students piped up and said that the first article I assigned was not in her textbook. Long story short: I WAS GIVEN THE WRONG TEXTBOOK.

It was only a new edition, but apparently they cut out a whole chunk that I based my first huge assignment on and my students were supposed to have read for Thursday, and as I skimmed through the table of contents, I quickly noticed that only about FOUR of the articles I had on my syllabus were still in the new edition.

So, I acted very un-flustered and told my class I would have the pages for that night's homework scanned and posted on-line and that I would have an entirely new syllabus ready for them on Thursday.

Why am I blogging about this instead of creating said syllabus or preparing for the class I teach in an hour and a half? Because I am so livid I am afraid I will punch the next person I see, and I think writing about it might (might) quell that urge.

So I'll let you know in a few hours, my loyal (millions of) readers, if this experiment worked or I will be incarcerated pending trial.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random Cuteness Sightings

I went to Meijer early this morning to make a quick grocery run (btw -- I am now ALWAYS grocery shopping before 10 AM on Sundays. It was practically empty. Pure bliss!) and saw two hilarious and adorable children who really made my day.

On my way out of the store, I passed by a Dad letting his little girl (I would say three years old, tops) ride the penny horse. She apparently was so thrilled with this situation that she had the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen. But it was one of the closed lips, sparkling eyes, ready to burst with happiness smiles. I melted.

Then, mere moments later, as I was loading the groceries into my car, I saw a dad with two little girl munchkins (probably three and four years old) trotting behind him. All of a sudden, the younger of the blonde cuties shrieked "UNDERWEAR!!!!!!!" and lifted her dress to her chin. Both of the girls collapsed into giggles, and the dad didn't even turn around and muttered "Oh God ..." It must be a common occurrence in their household.
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