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Here’s where I tell you about myself. I grew up in a teeny-tiny town in Michigan and now reside in its Capitol city. I spent a long, long time in college and graduated with a bunch of degrees, mostly in English, which makes me qualified to … teach college English courses. Thankfully, that is something I actually wanted to do. People always make a GUH! face when I tell them what I do, but it’s not my fault you didn’t like your college composition classes. Mine rock.

During college, I met this guy and spent the next few years plotting to get him to marry me. Then one day he did! (December 31st, 2008) Then I focused on having a baby immediately. That didn’t happen, but then one day I did! (August 9th, 2010) Now I have an amazing daughter who makes me laugh, cry, swear in my head, and try to be a better person, but mostly laugh. She is the bee’s knees. These days I stay home with my Bean during the day and teach classes at night when The Husband gets home from work. It works for now. We have another one on the way (Due August 27th, 2012) and the arrangement may stay the same and it may change. Who knows, right? Sometimes I feel like I don’t fit in with the stay-at-home moms and I don’t fit in with the working moms, but it is what it is.

Things I like other than my kid, my fetus, and my husband? I love my cat and dog, TV (I unashamedly love anything by Bravo), reading, trying to teach myself to be crafty, trying to pretend I don’t hate cooking and baking (I do), coffee, wine (when not knocked up), and obviously blogging. I started this blog on a whim, with the intention of it being a journal experience for myself, and now it is all kinds of things. Some people might claim I “lack focus,” but I like to think I appeal to the masses (I also like lying to myself). 

If you are new and want to read some of the favorites around here, just click HERE. If you would like to send me a private love letter or contact me about sponsoring this blog, you can do so at veronicamdblog at gmail dot com. Thanks for stopping by.

aka, my devastatingly handsome man-candy (he's gonna make me change that as soon as he sees it). Jeremy is the curator of collections at a museum (I know, it totally impresses me too), and the best husband and father in the whole dang world. He tolerates my foolishness, takes care of us, and adores our daughter more than anything. He is hilarious, intelligent, honest, and caring. He loves sports, but most especially his beloved Detroit Tigers, and he spends a lot of time reading and keeping it fit. He is quite the man. I still can't believe I tricked him into loving me.

aka Josie, Josie Belle, Josephine the Bean, and The Bean. Anything I put in here about her likes/dislikes/development will just be outdated in a matter of weeks, so we'll skip that. Instead, let me just tell you that she is an utterly fantastic kid. She spends much of the day laughing, smiling, and dancing. She smart, funny, and sweet. She is so full of life and love and curiosity. Simply put, even when she is being a dramababy, she is the best. 

So far, so good. She's hanging out in there and cooking away. She kicks, she ... well, that's about it. She's a great little fetus. We love her and can't wait to meet her.


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  2. Loved reading this! That is the sweetest picture of Josephine ever!


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