Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Day, Josie Style

Today was a big day for the Joze. Every Thursday for the past two years, she has had the privilege of hanging out with Ms. Jen at the Great Start playgroup in Marysville. Not long after we moved to Marysville, my mom discovered this program and told me to get out of my living room and get over there, and boy am I glad I did. We love the other kids and everything about it, but Ms. Jen is the very best. 

Since Josie is heading to preschool four days a week starting Monday (SOB), we will not get our Jen fix on Thursdays, and it is a sad transition.

She is Josie's first teacher, and she is a lot to live up to. I'd like to tell you to look up the Great Start program, but what you really need is a Ms. Jen, and you can only have her if you live nearby and have a kid who is 0-5, so ... sorry if you don't meet the criteria.

I'm excited for the possibility of preschool having Thursdays included in Spring Break and Christmas break so she can head back for a visit. She is loved, and she will never be forgotten.

A few hours later, we headed to preschool open house (sob, sob, double sob). 

Josie has been asking to go to school for about 6 months, and I have been vacillating between dreading it and denying it will ever happen. Josie is SOOO excited and I cried during the open house ... the half-hour open house, for goodness sake.

She had a total blast and cried when she had to leave. I think she's going to have a great year. 


Annnnnd, as I'm writing this, she is crawling out of her bedroom silently as a ninja with the head of a tiger costume on her head and a crown on top of that. She tells me she tried on several disguises and went with this one, thinking we definitely wouldn't notice her out of bed.

There you have it, folks. She's all grown up.

Friday, September 5, 2014

He is the Actual Best

Jeremy and I have this arrangement. If I have A DAY with the girls, I am more than welcome to just abandon ship as soon as he gets home. I can leave the house screaming for the car, go upstairs and hide, whatever I want. Luckily, I have only had to use this option a handful of times, mostly when G was brand new and Josie was two and adjusting to not being an only child. 

I honestly have no idea how today got the way it did, but by 3 PM I was thinking I was going to need to hire a young priest and an old priest, and then by 4 PM, thought I was going to need two of each -- one set for Josie, and one for me. 

So I called Jeremy, telling him I was a mile past my breaking point and it was a BAD day for him to be swamped and leaving the office late, and of course he told me he would handle dinner and bed and just to leave when he got home.

I went and sat by the water for a while and listened to the waves, and then I came home and hid in the bedroom with wine, chocolate-covered pretzels, and Netflix. I am much better already.

A storm hit not long after I got home, and it was bad enough to knock out the power for a while. Of course I did a slow-motion "NOOOOOOOO! NOT MY NETFLIX!" scream, but thankfully it came back on after a while. When it came back, my janky baby monitor that was making horrible noises so I unplugged it and took out the batteries and it still made weird noises all day (I HAVE NO IDEA) came to life and picked up on Jeremy playing with the girls. I left it on and heard giggling and books being read and general happiness. It was ... just lovely.

There are a million reasons why he is an amazing dad, but it's days like this when it hits me like a ton of bricks. 

A few weeks ago, after dinner Jeremy could tell I was spent and asked if I wanted to sit on the couch and let him handle baths and bed. I said "you betcha" and the girls were geeked to have daddy all to themselves. I put my feet up, put on some trashy TV, and a few minutes later, while the girls were splashing in the tub, Josie asked Jeremy to sing "Love is an Open Door" from Frozen and he did, and I sat on that couch feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

I told my mom about it, and she said, "Well, I didn't see any facebook status about it! You should let people know how amazing that man is!" She's right. I need to tell the Internet how great he is.

Thanks, Jeremy. You're the best.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

There's Only So Much I Can Do

When I was a teenager, my mom always told me she would stare at me, unable to believe she had a teenager, because she felt like she was in her early twenties, tops. I always thought that was hilarious, and also a little strange, because how could you feel like you were a totally different age than you were? I felt like my age. 

Now (I think you see where this is going), expect for when I am tired and overwhelmed and feel like I am 80, I am always shocked when I am reminded that I am 32. More specifically, I have a hard time remembering that I am an adult. An actual, real-life adult. With KIDS! And a HOUSE! Someone with bills and animals. I have a car that I must not only pay for, but maintain. I have to buy and prepare ALL THE FOOD for four people, including two kids who require roughly six meals a day (when they are not in the midst of a growth spurt). 

Every once in a while, I will be dragging the garbage can back to the house, or luggging the groceries inside, or sitting at a stoplight, and I will notice someone else looking at me, and it is shocking to realize that they see me as an adult (or even old, as the kid at the Taco Bell drive-thru makes very clear with all the "ma'am"s he throws around). I'm not old! I'm just a kid who has a husband and a house and a few kids, and ... okay, I see where you're going with this.

Anyway, all of that back story was just to let you know that even though I have a hard time remembering I'm an adult, I have grown in little ways that I really pat myself on the back over.

EXHIBIT A: Today, while we were reading stories on Josie's bedroom floor before nap time, I felt something on my back. Of course, I assumed it was a spider crawling on me, just like every time a loose hair falls from my head to my arm. However, I held it together and kept reading. Bravo, me.

But, BUT, a few seconds later I caught something out of the corner of my eye, and it was a SPIDER CRAWLING AWAY FROM BEHIND ME. Get this: I didn't scream or cry or throw the girls off my lap. I quietly squished it* without the girls seeing. 

BOOM. That situation just got ADULTED. 

Now, as proud as I am for that personal growth and maturity that I exhibited today, I feel like I should admit what happened a few hours before that. 

I was rushing around to clean the bathroom early this morning, and I had just scrubbed the tub, sink, and toilet, and Jeremy was about to leave, so I told him to look at the gleaming fixtures before he left because they wouldn't look that good when he got home. Josie walked over and said "Well, yeah, but look at the floor. There's dog hair all over it." My first instinct was to shout "YOU'RE the one with dog hair all over you!" Sure, I didn't actually say that. Instead, I blinked a few times and silently closed the door, but that still isn't what I'd consider a pro move.

So maybe I'm right in not feeling like an adult quite yet.

*I have all new rules when it comes to spiders, because I felt like a "squish now, ask questions later" approach was a bit too harsh since I claim to love living things and nature and blah blah blah. My new rule is a spider must die under three circumstances: 1) It is poisonous, 2) It is in my bedroom when I'm about to go to bed, 3) It's in one of my kids' bedrooms at any time of the day. I feel like this is more than fair, and it also makes me feel like an adult.

** Pro tip: NEVER tile your floor with the small shiny white tiles that you would use in a shower surround. Especially if you have a black furry animal living in the house. I can Swiffer and scrub the floor and two minutes later it looks like I've never cleaned it once. It's a real situation. This makes me feel like an adult too, but in the worst way possible.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Well, That Was Unexpected

I just … but … I thought you were sleeping, Josephine.

She was NOT. A lone crayon was left in her bedroom the other night, and when I went to check on her, I saw that beauty, turned on the lights, and saw she was also sporting a crayon mustache, goatee, and nail polish.

The worst part is, I love it. I think it’s the most interesting design she’s drawn to date. If it were on a piece of paper, I would have framed that baby.

In related news, I welcome all tips for getting crayon out of carpet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Double Birthday, vol. 3

Saturday was a big day in this house:

DOUBLE BIRTHDAY, 2014-style.

Yes, in case you didn't already know, the girls have the same birthday. Here, let me answer the questions most people ask when they learn this information: Yes, I'm totally serious. No, we didn't plan it. Yes, I'm aware that they are going to hate me when they get a little older.

I was tempted to tweet something cheeky on August 8th to the effect of "Hey, it's August 8th and I'm not in labor. Weird." but thought better of it at the last second. I mean, you just never know, right? No need to tempt fate. Now that August 9th has come and gone, I can officially say that I didn't have a third baby on August 9th. Whew. 

The birthday twins had a smashing day. Just the best.

dancing in her room full of balloons
birthday pancakes have sprinkles and come on a silver platter

Daddy designed and built them a castle playscape and they saw it with walls, swings, and a slide for this first time the morning of their birthday!

Barnes & Noble treats

Happy Birthday to my amazing girls! We had so much fun with you, and we hope you look back on this day and think you had a great day, too. We love you more than anything.
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