Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Would you even believe me if I told you I still consider this blog a digital baby book for my girls (along with Instagram) even though I have not been here in months? Sad, but true. I've missed documenting so many moments in not only the girls' lives, but the rest of the family. Like, hey, I failed to mention that Jeremy and I went away for the first time in four years. 

Anyway, I figured a big Halloween photo dump was the way to ease myself back into blogging. Hey, all the cool kids are doing them!

Last year was the year of  thousand parties, and this year was the year of one party for each girl, at the same date and time, in separate locations. We made do.

My mom went and helped run games at Josie's first ever class Halloween party, and I took Genevieve to her playgroup party.

Genevieve had asked to be Mickey Mouse every day for a month, and when I went to buy a costume from the Disney store they were all out. My mom paid a ton for one on ebay, and when it arrived, Genevieve took one look at it and ran away screaming. We tried showing it to her for weeks, and she just shook her head and ran the other way. Right before her playgroup party, I took her over to our costume stash and told her to pick. She put her arms out straight in front of her and started running around the room making zooming noises, which I interpreted correctly as a request for a Super Girl costume. Josie asked to be a pink and purple unicorn, and in a month and a half, only wavered once, asking instead to be a car once, so I made her a unicorn.

According to tradition, on Halloween my mom and dad came over before trick or treating and brought us dinner (I REALLY like that tradition), then the girls got dressed and practiced trick or treating with the treats my mom and dad brought them. Genevieve still didn't want to be Mickey, for unknown reasons, but thankfully she chose a dinosaur costume that could fit lots of layers underneath.

It was rainy and cold and there was a wind advisory and it was generally miserable, but the girls had four layers under their costumes, including fleece-lined tights, pants, long underwear, sweaters, coats, hats, gloves, and more. My mom and dad stayed at the house so Jeremy and I could both take them out, and they lasted an hour in the pouring rain before I dragged them home. I was freezing and soaking, but they were fine because of all the layers. The rain had soaked their costumes, but the inner layers were dry, and they were actually a little sweaty.

Last year, Genevieve was still not so clear on the concept of Halloween, but this year she was INTO IT. She showed us every treat she got, and as soon as we left every house she shouted (her version of) "LET'S GO!" to urge us to the next house. They were both pretty peeved when I said we should pack it in.

Next, we headed over to Jeremy's parents' house, and after that, to his Grandma's house, where all the aunts and uncles and cousins gather when trick or treating is done.

We finally headed home, a few hours past bedtime, and for some reason, Josie kept sneaking out of bed and had wide, crazy eyes. No clue as to the reason.

And now, just because I can, all of Halloweens past:

All in all, it was a successful Halloween, even if my feet still feel cold and wet sixteen hours later.

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