Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Friday*

*Aren't you glad I didn't call it "Foto Friday?"

This week in photos, because words are over-rated.

Free date-night dessert (for Jeremy, anyway)

Sunday drive

Washing hands in Grandma's sink

Toddler art project/sensory activity!

... that only lasted 15 seconds.

Back-up activity: Free stickers

Josie projects

Getting a big girl desk in her room (Thanks, Aunt Tracy!)

A long walk at the nature center with great friends

Finding a "rainbow tree"

Genevieve: Hates everyone and everything because she's teething, but will happily stop and say "cheese" when a camera appears

Roller skating 

Painting. Always painting.

Dance class!

And we still have all day Friday. Hope you all had a lovely week.


P.S. Posts up at Sean Purcell Photography. Last week: Prove your superiority by seeing color better than your spouse. This week: Awesome no-carve pumpkins.

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  1. Holy crap.....Josephine.....with her hair up......what a DOLL!!! And Genevieve's photo with the stickers all over her made me LOL. Cute cute cute.


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