Friday, November 1, 2013

A Tale of Halloween

Josie: Mama and Daddy, do you like booze?

Me: What? Do we like ... what?

Josie: Booze. Do you like booze?

Me: I ... we ... well ...

Jeremy: We ... umm ... what?

Josie: Do. You. Like. BOOOOZE?

Jeremy and I: ....

Josie: I'm gonna give you some booze.

Jeremy and I: *panicked eyes*

Josie: BOOOO! BOOOOO! BOOOOOOOOOOOO! Did you like my boos?

Jeremy and I: OH! BOOS!

Josie: ... ? ...


I hope your Halloween was delightful and filled with either boos or booze or both, depending on your preferences.

We had some (a lot) of trouble getting pictures of the girls both standing still AND smiling wearing any of their many costumes at the Halloween parties the three days leading up to Halloween and the big trick-or-treating event, but they had a blast.

Party 1: Josephine as a dinosaur
Party 1 was a Josephine-only party

Party 2: Genevieve as Minnie

Party 2: Josephine as a Lions cheerleader

Party 3: Genevieve as a monster

Party 3: Josephine as Doc McStuffins

Trick-or-treating: Genevieve as a monster and Josephine as an ice cream cone

Thank goodness for an extensive dress-up collection so Josephine could have four different looks, which was very important to her.

Now I need a nap. And maybe some booze.


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