Monday, January 27, 2014

Roku, Daughters, and Scraping

Three unrelated things (aka, blogging at its finest):

1. We've been trying to ditch cable for a long time now, and have tried every which way to figure out how to keep a few important things for the least amount of money, and now I am thinking about getting a Roku. Those of you who have them -- love them? like them? hate them? worth the money? do we need a roku 3 or will 1 or 2 do the trick? I love crowdsourcing from this group of lovely people.

2. Josie is really upset that she doesn't have a daughter. She keeps telling me her two best friends are her daughters, and while I think it's funny and sweet, for her sake I thought it prudent to explain that they were not her daughters. We have been having long, rambling talks about how only grown-ups can have daughters and sons and how you should also wait until you've met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with until you make a baby or adopt a baby. I think maybe if she were a doll person, I would give her a doll and tell her it's her daughter and to take care of it and call it a day, but she doesn't care about dolls at all. This morning she told me there was a baby in her belly and it had the hiccups and it was kicking her SO LOW in her belly. So I guess my question is, should I worry about her talking about her daughters and her pregnancy in public? She has a few times, and people are shocked and weirded out, but is that really such a weird thing? If you heard a three-year-old talking about her daughter or her pregnancy, wouldn't you just chuckle and move on with life? 

3. I just got done scraping all the wallpaper off of two "accent walls" in our bedroom, and OH MY GOD, do I ever want to punch the original owners in the face. They used so much glue, it took over twelve man hours of scraping, even with the scoring and glue-dissolving spray method. I am completely broken. At this point, we should be ready for painting, but we also took down this weird little half-wall that was actually just made of paneling (?) and a four-foot section was glued to the wall where there was an overlap, so now I have some more hours of scraping ahead of me before we can start our big, awesome bedroom makeover. 

Hold me.

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  1. We had one room with a wallpaper border in our new house, and it was HELL to remove. Multiple walls? Ugh, I feel for you.

    Also, we have one Roku (We just got it, and I think it's a 3?? but IDK, my husband picked it out) and we use my husband's old Playstation to stream on our other TV. Both work great. Before we had the Roku we used a BluRay player, and that thing worked ok, but not as well as the others. I don't miss cable at all!

    As for the 3 year old pretending to be pregnant? I don't think it would faze me. It's better than her telling people you're pregnant again, yes? And three year olds talk about lots of weird things. :)


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