Friday, February 28, 2014

Poor Jeremy

THE SCENE: Jeremy comes out of Josephine's bedroom, where he apparently had a hard time getting her to go down for bed. I am standing at the sink, washing dishes.

Jeremy: I don't mean to ... accuse you ... or anything, but did you cry a lot as a child?

Me: Why, was Josie crying a lot tonight?

Jeremy: My god, every little thing that happened set her off into hysterical crying!

Me: I told you she skipped her nap today. She's overtired. 

Jeremy: I mean, I never cried. I think I cried four times from birth until the time I was eighteen. You can call my mom. She'll back me up on that.

Me: Well, (turning around to face Jeremy) we just have a lot of feelin--

Jeremy: (cuts me off) -- Wait. Are you crying ... right NOW?

Me: Yes. (*hiccup*)

Jeremy: Why? What happened?

Me: Well, I was rocking Genevieve to sleep, and she pulled my face down to hers and just held my head so we were cheek-to-cheek. (*sob*) Then she pulled away, and THEN moved back in and gave me an ESKIMO KISS! And then SMILED! With her little half-closed sleepy eyes! And then she sighed happily! 

Jeremy: .....

Me: And then I thought, How do people DO this? How do they one day stop holding their babies cheek-to-cheek? How am I going to handle it when they're 30 and we just talk and sit around and they don't snuggle up to me and make me rock them to sleep? And what if Josephine and Genevieve never know how much I love them?!?!!? And why don't I snuggle with my mom every time I see her and give her eskimo kisses with half-closed sleepy eyes?!!?

Jeremy: This explains so much.


  1. My husband and I are laughing so hard. Please let Jeremy know he has an ally in my husband Eric, in this parenting thing. And there is no crying in his man-style parenting either. Lucky them!

  2. :) What a sweet, touching moment that must have been.


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