Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lack of Desire

I just handed Jeremy the remote, and he promptly chose to watch Tremors. This is a perfect illustration of the way that Jeremy and I are the least compatible ... our viewing desires.

  • Jeremy watches Sportscenter in the morning ... I watch DVRed episodes of Beautiful People or The Office.
  • After dinner, I would love to watch any number of medical documentaries, reality shows, or a crime drama like Law & Order, and Jeremy feels that life is not worth living if he cannot watch every single sporting event broadcast in our area.
  • Jeremy's idea of a perfect movie night is watching Escape from New York or The Warriors, and I have a sinking suspicion that I will never be able to watch Never Been Kissed or A Chorus Line again unless Jeremy is out of state.
Thank goodness we are compatible in most every other way, because this TV/movie thing can really be a nightmare. Jeremy actually leaves the room if I flip the channel to Jon and Kate + 8 or Bridezillas, and these shows help me unwind. Watching Reality TV is like a brain massage for my stressed out mind. Interestingly, however, I have managed to bring him over to the dark side, even if it is just a tiny bit. Believe it or not, he watches Charm School!! And we LOVED all of the Flavor of Love seasons! It just took a few snarky comments from airheads for him to see the full glory of watching crap.
Bring back Flav!!


  1. i love you two!! i wish you lived right next store cause when it comes to TV, Anthony and Jeremy are identical...after our first football season together i was not sure if we'd make it...but that was 5 yrs ago and i'm with you when you say how you have almost everything else in common ;)

  2. It ca be hard, can't it? I wish you two lived next door two!!! I miiisssss you!!!


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