Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My New Deepest Desire is to Stab a Drug Company Executive (in the Face)

Yesterday I drove home to my doctor in Yale to evaluate a medication I am currently taking. We talked, I got blood drawn, and she increased the dose I was taking from 20 to 30 milligrams after checking to make sure that the 30 mg dose was still available in generic form so I could save a little money.

I was super pleased that she took the time to do that, and I trotted off to Target this afternoon to have the prescription filled. While I waited, I got laundry detergent, Swiffer sheets, a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper (yum!), and some new bones for Cleo. All in all, I was having a lovely little afternoon.

I went to pick up my prescription at the specified time, and the pharmacist said, "Okay, you're all set. That's $187.99."

My immediate response was laughter. I threw my head back and laughed, because I have recently learned that this keeps me from attempting to stab people when I get bad news. 

After laughing away the urge to kill and/or maim, I explained that I usually got the generic version, to which she replied that the 30 mg dose was not on the list of generic drugs that cost $10 for a three-month supply.

I started to sweat a bit and began looking around for the person whose ass was soon going to be the home of my size 10 black patent leather Steve Madden flats. 

So I said to the nice lady, "Let me get this straight ... the 20 mg dose costs $10 and the 30 mg dose costs almost $200 and they are both generic." 

She confirmed this, and then looked a little sad for me, like it was too bad that I was not going to be able to afford my frivolous luxuries, like medication. She even pulled out a list of generic drugs and their prices.

I leaned over, scanned the list, and found that both the 10 mg and 20 mg dose were on the $10 list ... lightbulb! So I asked if I could have my prescription filled by getting 90 of the 10 mg pills and 90 of the 20 mg pills and just taking them at the same time every day. She looked startled, and then said, "Oh, yes, that makes sense. And that would save you $180!" to which I simply smiled politely and nodded. 

Yes, clearly I am either a genius or some type of witch for noticing this discrepancy and finding a way to keep drug company's grubby hands off my cash (sorry Jeremy ... our cash).

So now I am highly interested in locating a drug company executive. I just want to talk to him, I swear! :)


  1. i am super stoked to find your blog....very entertaining ( i should be doing homework) woman! you totally played the system!! HIGH five ;)


  2. Compared to a drug company exec, you ARE a genius! ;-D

  3. Victoria: as always, you entertain

    Sara: Thanks!! Glad to know I am entertaining someone!

    Ellen: *blush*

  4. Compared to a drug company exec, you ARE a genius! ;-D


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