Monday, November 1, 2010

The Epic First Halloween of Josephine Isabelle

Yesterday was a big day, folks.  I spent the day attempting to get an almost-three-month-old baby to get excited about Halloween.

As you can see, it went well.

I woke her up from a nap to watch Jeremy carve her pumpkin.  Bad idea.  I took 15 pictures and this was the one where she looked the happiest.

But she helped.  A lot.  Check it:  She's so advanced in her motor skills that she was able to help scoop out pumpkin guts.

And she has such a keen eye that she insisted on checking the pumpkin for stray guts before letting Jeremy move on to carving.

She's also brave, because she requested a scary face for her first pumpkin instead of a cute one, like I suggested.

Did I say brave?  Maybe I meant tired because she got woken up again to pose for this picture.  My sister says she looks drunk.  This is actually the one where she looks the least drunk.  The missing sock really adds to her look, I think.

Then I shoved her into her monkey costume.  Look how EXCITED she is!!

Look at the exuberance!  

She might be a little embarrassed by me, in what is clearly my "super model" costume.

We capped it all off with a photo shoot outside with the spooky pumpkin.  

Take me in the house.  NOW!

But, I did get THIS picture:


I hope your evening wasn't as forced!  Happy Halloween!


  1. This is all my doing.
    every time she falls asleep on me I whisper constantly in her ear instructing her to dislike everything that you get excited about.

    pay back for crushing my dreams.

  2. OMG she is the cutest monkey ever!


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