Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Quick Ode to My Mom

I've got so many big things I want to talk about (fixing up the house, what it's like to have TWO kids, how I feel about J & G sharing a birthday, etc., etc.), but I don't think I'll sit down and write about some of those things until after I, say, find the box that has all my thank you notes and address book so I can write thank you notes for Josephine's birthday presents and Genevieve's welcome to the world presents. OY.

What I would like to tell you today is how much I appreciate my mom. Not only did she take us in when I was very pregnant (and super bitchy and barely able to move), AND let us live with them while we waited to be able to move into our new house and we had a newborn and a two-year-old and a cat and a dog, AND come over all the time after we moved to help me with the girls while I had my postpartum/I-just-moved-with-a-one-week-old breakdown, BUT, she continues to come over on days I have doctor appointments for one of the girls, or on days I sound overwhelmed on the phone, or days like yesterday when I told her that Jeremy had left for work at 4 AM and was not returning until 10 PM.

And she lets me take showers and naps, and she takes us shopping and buys us stuff, and takes us out to eat, and brings us food, and helps with projects I would otherwise not have been able to accomplish myself.

For example, she helped me make nice, heavy curtains for Josephine's room that allowed her to sleep past seven and go back to her 8-9 AM wake-up time (hallelujah!) (pictures to come, I swear).

And she's always asking me if she can buy things for the girls, like yesterday when she bought some sleepers for Genevieve, some fun socks for Josephine, and beautiful fairy wings for Josephine (among other things) -- just because.

After that she took us out to eat at what is now going to be "our place" in my new town.

And after THAT, we went home and planted a ton of crocuses, daffodils, and tulips (that she bought me) and the lilac bush Jeremy got me for mother's day (okay, it was mostly her, because I was feeding G and then had her in the bjorn, so I could only bend over in short bursts until G got fussy, then had to bounce a while, then I could get back at it).

THEN she held my fussy baby while I did Josie's bedtime routine, since Jeremy was still stuck at work, and when she left, she left us with food in the fridge for breakfast and lunch, and even a sweet treat!

Seriously, that was an average visit from her. She's pretty much the bomb.

I'll never be able to express to her how much I appreciate the time and effort and money she has poured into my family in a time when I needed her support so much. I love that lady, and I hope she hangs around even after I wore her out these past few months, because Josephine sure loves hanging out with her Grandma so much. 

Love you, mom!


  1. I have always thought your mom was awesome, especially the time she checked me for head lice -- in the bathroom at the dancing school -- when I was panicking. No lice, just out-of-control anxiety. But I've never forgotten to be grateful.

  2. Moms are great that way. It's funny how much they learn since when we were teenagers. (See what I did there?) ;)

  3. How fantastic. Where would we be without our Mamas?


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