Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Funny Stuff My Husband Says, Vol. XXI

I'm trying to write Genevieve's birth story, but every time I have a moment to write, G gets jealous, I have to pick her up, and then I try to type with one hand for a while -- not ideal -- then give up, only having added two or three sentences.

SO, in the meantime, I thought I might float you a little Jeremy hilariousness to tide you over. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Veronica: I swear, I wash this baby's hair and a half an hour later it looks all greasy!

Jeremy: Well, she is EYE-talian, after all.

Veronica: *punches Jeremy in throat*

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  1. He should just be thankful that you didn't give birth to a guido.

  2. you go, veronica. you go right ahead with all that throat-punching. ;)


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