Friday, March 29, 2013

The Road: It Is Still a Bit Bumpy, Folks

Welp, things didn't slow down around here. After I complained about taking both girls to the hospital in one week, we experienced the following:

First hit to the head that was bad enough for me to get out the flashlight and check for signs of a concussion:

A lovely reaction to yogurt, which resulted in me going off all dairy (hold me):

And, just for funsies, a 2 AM trip to the ER. Because WHY NOT?

Here's how I'm feeling about all of that:

1. I hate being the mom with a kid who has visible bruises. I feel like people are looking at me. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

2. Did you know when you are doing a total dairy elimination diet, you effectively cut out every single food item that is prepared or processed? Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and legumes are about all you've got left. I basically also went cold turkey on wheat and sugar at the same time I cut out the dairy, and shit y'all, I really should have checked into a residential facility for that kind of detox. My body was pissed about my new diet of green smoothie for breakfast, veggie soup and salad with chicken (no dressing) for lunch and again for dinner. I am slowly thinking of more ideas of things I can eat, and I'm feeling better now, but still feeling a bit sorry for myself because Easter candy. SOB.

3. Even more than I hate being the mom with bruised-up kids, I hate being the mom who is always calling the doctor, calling the after-hours number, and, in four instances already, being the mom sent to the hospital with her kids. I hate taking my kids to the hospital when they're not, say, bleeding profusely, because I feel like people think I WANT to take my kids there. Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head. The first time I was admitted to the hospital was when I gave birth to Josephine. Now I fear my pediatrician's receptionists know my voice and are pulling up the girls' files before I can get my name out. I have lots more thoughts on this, but I think I'll just leave it at this and try to move on.

All of this has made me really wonder ... are we cursed? I mean, I'm seriously thinking we should look into it, because DAMN. I know the saying is "It's always something!" but could we get a FEW hassle-free days here and there?

I felt I should ask Jeremy the other night, "Have you, perchance, hit an old gypsy with your car lately, my love?"

"How dare you, madame?"

"I think it's worth asking. Let's just be honest with each other, okay?"

"Well, darling wife, have you ever stopped to think about all the salt you spill every single time you use the salt shaker? Have you ever once thrown salt over your shoulder after you do that?"


All I can say is, it better not be related to this house, because I cannot move again this year. I cannot. I will have to suck it up and live in a cursed house for a few more years if that is the case.

But hey, Easter is coming! We went on our first of five (FIVE!) Easter egg hunts this morning. 

I hope you all enjoy a curse-less Easter weekend!!

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  1. So I have a friend who has three kids and every single one of them have the most BIZARRE stomach issues. She went to a natural doctor and found out that all three are allergic to dairy, soy, sugar, strawberries, wheat, and like 5 other things. They basically eat raw everything and are like foragers. Which I would normally be all like, "that's dumb and I would die" but she looks REALLY good. Which just makes me want to be judgey about that as I eat an entire bag of jellybeans.


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