Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Josie Says, Vol. 2

Talking to the photographer at our family portrait session, who has just asked her to walk toward him:

Josie: I'm gonna say "La-dee-la-dee-da! I'm walking down the sidewalk" while I walk!

Sean: That is awesome! What a great thing to say! Can I use that and tell my other clients to say that when they're walking?

Josie: Ummmm ... NO.


Josie: Daddy, I sneezed into my arm!

Jeremy: Good job, Josie!

Josie: Cleo sneezed, too!

Jeremy: Oh, she did?

Josie: Yep, and she sneezed into her paw!


Jeremy: Okay kiddo, time for your overnight diaper.

Josie: Noooo!

Jeremy: Why?

Josie: Because my butt's scared!

Jeremy: Of the diaper?

Josie: Well, yeah!

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