Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Well, it's official.  My mom and dad always warned me I would have a daughter EXACTLY LIKE ME.  And apparently I do.  I made a little mini-me, in terms of temperament.  

I discovered this when my mom brought over my baby book for me to look through.  In the "4 month milestones" section, my mom wrote:

LIKES:  Being naked!
DISLIKES:  sleeping, naps, not getting her own way, not being able to do things she thinks she should be able to do.

Karma, people.  It's for real.


  1. All parents curse their children by saying, "One day, you're going to have a little one who acts just like you do and treats you like you treat me!"

    It's motherly witchcraft.

    Like Bitchcraft.

  2. Ohhh, that is too funny! The "likes" part, not the bad stuff :) I keep hoping that karma will take pity on me-I wasn't a bad kid, but my mom was sick for 11 MONTHS when she got pregnant with me. For reals, the doctor told her that her nausea medicine (which had been taken off the market) would surely be back, which is the only reason I have a sister. I apologize to her all the time in a desperate attempt to change fate...


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