Friday, December 30, 2011

The Christmas Recap

I had a bunch of things rolling around in my head that I wanted to say about this Christmas, but I'm still far too wiped out to remember any of it. I do remember that one thing I was going to do was a comparison of last year's sitting on Santa's lap picture with this year's, since they are basically identical, BUT our scanner is having ISSUES, so how about I just show you last year's and you imagine she is one year older with the exact same look on her face?

Did you imagine it? Thanks.

This was the year of six Christmases. That's a lot of Christmases. And a lot of driving and packing and unpacking and babies waking up EVERY SINGLE HOUR ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT because they refuse to sleep in beds that are not their own, and I know, I KNOW, can you EVEN BELIEVE I found a way to complain about so many people wanting to celebrate Christmas with us and shower our progeny with gifts? 

So, how about I just do what I always do and show you some pictures and we all call it a day? Yes? Excellent.

Christmas #1 (Our house; fake Christmas Eve, 12/21, fake Christmas Day, 12/22)

Squatting. Keeping it real.

Stealing dad's Christmas PJs

The Night Before Christmas

Christmas morning and DINOSAURS!

  Awww, opening like a big girl.

 Then things took a dangerous turn. 

 I hate opening!
 Look how sad I am! Leave me be!

 We had a return to happy when she opened her tunnel ...

Then the top of this box collapsed and she fell in. That was it for opening.

 Luckily she had ten GAZILLION toys to play with. And we had five Christmases to go.

 Oh yeah, and I got this. Thank you, Santa!

Christmas #2 (My parents' house, with my older sisters and nieces and nephews; 12/23)

I REFUSE to finish opening this gift. I shall sit upon it to show my indignation. (P.S. I made that dress! It's a little long, but I LOVE it.)

Oh, wait. I LOVE this thing! 

Then she opened like a big girl when all the cousins were opening at once! Yay!

 Then the shrieking began. Oh, the SHRIEKING. A little while later we noticed her grossly inflamed gums. And remembered she refused to take a nap. Oh yeah.
 Luckily, some indoor sled practice really did the trick.

Christmas #3 (My mom and dad's house; 12/24)

I really thought we were starting the morning off right, what with the massage chair and singing a little tune in the microphone. 

Indeed, we got some good participation out of her.

Then she turned.

All she wanted was to sled.

 So, we Jeremy obliged.

 I love this photo not because my child is falling over (she barely touched the ground, Jeremy reports), but because Cleo is dashing to her rescue. 

Cleo kept a very close eye on her from there on out. I love that dog.

Christmas #4 (Jeremy's Gran's house - ALL his aunts and uncles and cousins; 12/25)

 She got to play with her bestie, Harrison.

 Then they ran all over the house, causing trouble.

 But she left with a Tigers pillow pet. SCORE!

Christmas #5 (Jeremy's mom and dad, brothers and sisters; 12/26)

 As usual, when there is a grandparent around, she got a *little* spoiled.

 We had a slight meltdown here as well, but after a nap break and an outfit change, she was good to go. She even requested a bow on her head.

 And she was pretty dang charming for the rest of the opening. Taking a picture of her next present with her new toy camera. Priceless.

 She even helped clean up!

Then it was the 27th, and time to head home.

 She squeezed in time for a quick tea party before we left, however.

The ride home was ... not pleasant. And don't let this picture fool you ... she was NO where near sleepy. Just overtired and cranky. :(

I would hand her a toy, she would play with it momentarily, then throw it on poor Cleo, who was also so tired that she just slept right through it. 

Christmas #6 (with my cousins; 12/28) 

We had to SKIP because I was SICK. And lame. 

Well, once again, I have given you too many photos and hardly any words, but I started this post and I was bound a determined to finish it. And I did! Go me! 

And now it's almost New Year's Eve. Crap. 

How about I just leave you with this?

I hope you had as many beautiful moments as we did (and far less screamy moments!) :)


  1. So many Christmases... holy cow. Lucky you have a cute Josie girl to get you through it!

  2. Yes, even though she was the one screaming and biting us, she was still the best part of all the Christmases. :)

  3. Oh my, first off might I say your hubby looks mighty handsome with a little facial hair. LOL I LOVE that black dress you made Josephine! How did she like her quite book and magnetic fish?? I'm glad you got a mixer! Yay! I have an older one that's white and love it. That's a whole lotta Christmas....I might have been tired and grumpy too! :) Very cute photos as always!


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