Friday, August 3, 2012

And Then There Was the Time Josephine Was a Flower Girl and I Didn't Take Any Good Pictures

Since I'm still progressing baby-wise, but not ALL that geeked to have her this early, I have been doing a lot of uncomfortable sitting and having to ask people for help, neither of which are my favorite. The last post I did was basically all pictures (lazy), so I thought maybe I could continue the theme! Yay! Another photo-heavy post!

You're welcome, America.

So, remember how my camera was MIA for a full month after Josephine was a flower girl and thousands of people (three people) were asking to see pictures of how fabulous she looked in her dress my mom and I made? WELL, I got my camera back, but I must have forgotten that I gave it to a chimpanzee all day, because the pictures are simply awful.

Seriously, these are the best I got:

I did my best to edit, but totally blown out. Also, she is not interested in being in the picture (big surprise)

 Ring bearer goes in for the hug, she pushes him away. Nice.

Seriously mom, all I want are the toys in that nursery. Nothing else can compare.

Corrupting the ring bearer to lose focus on upcoming aisle-walking duties and focus solely on the room full of toys.  

Ring bearer shows Jeremy his toy, Josie tries to steal it. I wish I could say this is out of character.

YES, YES, YES, I made it down the aisle and ran straight back to the nursery and was finally allowed INSIDE! OH HAPPY DAY!
Here, the poofy underpinnings have already been removed and the sash is askew, so it doesn't even matter that this is the best shot of her dress.

Don't you generally wear a ballgown when going down slides? 

Someone also posted this on facebook. GAH! My LEGS! My swollen ankles! I had real shoes to put on, I swear, but by the time my ankles swelled to the size of my knees, I gave up that dream.

Here's another I stole from facebook. Josephine is at the tail-end of her walk down the aisle, where Jeremy grabbed her and escorted her out a side door to me. I couldn't get any of her walking down the aisle because I had to point her in the right direction, make sure she got halfway down the aisle, and then run over to the other side of the church to be ready to grab her and whisk her away (again, no one wants to hear a talking toddler throughout a wedding ceremony. I'm not so dumb to think she would stay silent through the entire thing.)

And my sister-in-law posted this beauty from the photographer:

If this isn't one of my biggest parenting fails to date, I don't know what is. 

Maybe I feel so bad because I was TOTALLY jealous of every single flower girl at every single wedding I attended as a kid and wished *I* were that flower girl. Now my daughter is living the dream and I didn't even manage to take a nice picture of her so she could look back and think "Dang! I was the cutest flower girl ever!"

But ... maybe the pictures more accurately reflect the day then "good" photos would have. I was frazzled and was already too pregnant to bend down to her level to even attempt a good photo and she was running around like a monkey. That's what happened and that's the photos we got.

Sorry, monkey girl! I still think you were a beautiful flower girl! :)


  1. Aww, she WAS a beautiful flower girl, even if you didn't get the kind of pictures you were hoping for! :)


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