Saturday, August 25, 2012

Still Not Dead!

I'm back from the dead, people. My mind is so cluttered from not being able to sort my thoughts out in this space, but I really had no choice. I have had so much craziness that there is not a moment to spare. Not a moment!

I shall lay out the series of events in bullet form, not only to get you your news in a timely and organized fashion, but so I can have a little list to remind myself of the things I would like to elaborate on. Here we go:
  • I was living with my parents for more than a week before the baby came to be close to the hospital (this meant NOWHERE TO NEST! NOWHERE TO NEST! DANGER! DANGER!)
  • My dog, who is naturally anxious, was so worked up about being in a strange house and living with my sister's cat, that she was licking bald spots into her fur and acting straight-up pathetic (and I had to keep saying "NO LICKING!" all night)
  • I was in early labor for more than three weeks (SERIOUSLY, they LET THAT SHIT HAPPEN)
  • I had the baby early (duh, like there was any other way she was coming)
  • I had the baby on Josephine's birthday (I swear, I told her that was the ONLY day she couldn't come, and she CAME)
  • I had a rather traumatic birth experience (especially compared to the easy-peazy Josephine experience)
  • I had to take my baby back to NOT MY HOUSE, and LIVE OUT OF SUITCASES (we were incredibly lucky my parents took us in and helped so much, and we had lots of extra help frommy sisters, but still, LIVING OUT OF SUITCASES WITH A NEWBORN AND TWO-YEAR-OLD AND JACKED-UP HORMONES AND MORE ISSUES WITH GETTING INTO THE HOUSE. OH MY GOD)
  • I had either a raging case of post-partum hormone dips and dives or post-partum depression (either way, it was B-A-D, and I'm still a bit weepy)
  • Genevieve had some health issues, and I found myself in the hospital and doctor's office an awful lot (we think we're out of the woods)
  • One week after giving birth, we moved into our new house (and on the same day I had to go to two doctor appointments and make a trip to the hospital for G to get a test done, with Josephine in tow, NO BIGGIE)
  • Genevieve, still recovering, had some serious breastfeeding issues and required me (and my boobs) to attend to her around the clock (not that I have a two-year-old, or stuff to unpack, or rooms to paint, or NEED SLEEP)
Long story short (too late -- especially since I fully intend to discuss all of the above AT LENGTH), I am just pulling my head above water. This is the first time I am opening my computer in two weeks, I believe, because I literally didn't have an ounce of time or energy. How do people with more on their plate do it? I'll never know.

As a reward for making it through that litany of whining, here are some lovely pictures to get you up to speed. Thanks, friends. I hope you didn't all abandon me and assume I was dead or lame (although I was a little of both ... and still am, I guess). Anyway, here are the happy highlights of life lately with my girls:


  1. Ohhhh Mama! You have been BUSY!! I've been wondering how you all have been and have checked almost every day for an update. :) Genevieve is PRECIOUS, look at that dark hair! Looks like Josephine is a sweet big sister. Gosh dang you have two beautiful children! I hope all the little issues you've been dealing with work themselves out soon and everyone gets a clean bill of health! Take a deep breath pretty Mama! Time has a way of flying and you might even look back on these crazy hectic days and wish to do them all over again. Sending my love your way!!

  2. You made me tired just READING your post. I hope things are going a little more smoothly.

    p.s. I do a little "squee!" noise every time you say "my girls"

  3. So cute! Hope life settles down a bit for you soon (at least enough for you to sleep!) Totally off topic, but sometimes you look so much like Kristen Stewart that it actually freaks me out. Like in those last two photos. Just the profile I think...

  4. glad to know you're alive, superwoman.

    Shannon expressed the same thing up above, but when I read the "my girls" sentence right before all the pictures, my heart sang. IT SANG.

  5. Oh my gosh, the baby's here already??!? Congratulations on all of your hard work, throughout the nine months, and especially at the end (the SCARIEST part, IMO)! You've brought two beautiful faces into the world.

    I'm sure you have your hands very busy with these two little ones AND a new house, but if you feel like you need some human adult chatty interaction, feel free to email me. I saw that you had some PPD yucky stuff going on and I just thought I'd reach out to you. I'm unemployed, so I have all day to shoot the shit with a fellow blogger. ;)

  6. I'm stalking you based on how funny your comment was on The Managment.. I knew you'd be funny.

    Granted, I didn't know you'd have two beautiful babies. Don't worry, I won't steal them. Babies are too much work for me, I'm very lazy.

    Gotta go, you have a million posts I need to read.


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