Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Josephine's Birthday Party!

We had Josephine's birthday party a little early -- just in case -- since her sister has her exact same due date. No need to tempt fate and have Baby X born during the party. We kept it as low-key as possible, but I was still a swollen, exhausted mess when it was over (duh, because I'm a million months pregnant and supposed to be on bed rest) and Josephine was totally punch drunk (duh, because she is two).

We had a really nice time with family in the park, and even though I forgot to take a lot of pictures (of things like the limited decorations, people filling out the pages in the scrapbook/guest book I am making her, the stand full of hot pink cupcakes with Minnies on top), hopefully when she looks back at these pictures, she will think Wow, I had a great party! 

Luckily my mom was with us on the two-hour drive to the party locale and had videos of Josephine on her phone to keep her happy.

Last-minute hot pink pedicure, please!

Gotta admire them!

The lovely park setting (you can see a little hot pink in the corner -- see, there were some decorations!).

Note to self: bubble necklace for a two-year-old? Not your greatest idea ever, Veronica. Your daughter will decide she likes the taste of bubbles.

We let her have her first jaunt through the Splash Pad, and she loved it just as much as we expected. It pretty much rocked her world.

She REALLY wanted those buckets to dump on her. I was a little concerned with how that would all play out ...

She finally got her wish.

And thought it was hilarious!

I had to ask Jeremy to forcibly remove Josephine from the Splash Pad. Once she got dry and had a snack, she opened her presents. Obviously, she reached for the Elmo bag first.

She also insisted on trying out some of her gifts immediately. Obviously.

Then she got her cake, and she wasn't shy about it like last year.

More please!

Jeremy and I were there too. However, there are no pictures in which all three of us look happy. It happens.

And, the best gift of all -- Josephine's sister did not crash the party! Now let's hope that her real birthday is not spent in labor and delivery. Fingers crossed.


  1. Awww, how sweet. :) Love the cupcake photos! I'm glad she had such a swell b-day party! Now sit back and relax, Mama! You've got me on pins and needles...I'm so excited for you, almost baby time!! I wish I could relive Timothy's birth all over again. *sigh* 12 weeks seems sooooo long ago. AHHHHHHH any day!!!! ;)

    1. I'm on pins and needles too!! I want it to be baby time!

  2. Glad to hear Baby X didn't crash Josie's party. She looks like she had a blast at the Splash Pad and I love the look on her face when she wants more cake, complete with dramatic arm flinging :)

    1. Yes, pretty much everything she does involves dramatics! :)

  3. I love the picture of her admiring her toes!! That's priceless.

  4. I have some great pictures of Olivia's 2nd birthday party where she clearly looks pissed off as she's wearing a jean jacket, a yellow/orange hula skirt and holding Curious George. Actually... every birthday I have one of those pictures. She's kind of bossy.


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