Monday, July 30, 2012

A Fun Little Interaction

Saturday night, Jeremy and I went to dinner with my parents. There, I had a fun little moment with the hostess.

Hostess: Hello, would you like a booth or a table? Ooohhhh ... you need a table right? (*pointing at my stomach*) You won't fit in a booth, right?

Veronica: Right. I'll be needing a table, thank you.

Hostess: How many babies you have in there? Two?

Veronica: Ha ha ha, nope, just one.

Hostess: No, in here (*touching my stomach*). How many babies? Two?

Veronica: No.

Hostess: Three?!?!

Veronica: ONE BABY. IN HERE.

Hostess: Two big boys in there, you'll see.

Veronica: ONE GIRL.

Hostess: Oh no, two big boys. You'll see.

Veronica: So, about that table?

Later, she heard me call my mom "Mom" and said "No way! She's not old enough to be YOUR mom!"

Well shit. Thanks, lady. You made my evening, to be sure.


  1. Oh wow, how ridiculous! She seems to be the same kind of persistent person as that woman who tried to get Josie to take her ice cream! (Yes, I still remember that story because I felt so bad for you having to deal with her!)

  2. ..and she isn't exaggerating (this time)...that was pretty much word for word!

    Gotta say the part about me looking young was kinda fun!

  3. Seriously, some people need board approval before opening their mouth. I'm guessing her tip was directly related to her quality of manners.

    1. Sigh. That board approval would be nice.

  4. She must have been high. Hahaha

    1. Oh, she was stone sober, I can promise you that. If she had been high, it might have been a bit humorous. :)


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