Friday, July 6, 2012

I WILL Be Okay

I'm angry. I'm very very very angry. About multiple things. These things are out of my control, but I can't stop being angry about them. Today I let myself get angry enough that I started having contractions. When I did some deep breathing, they stopped. Obviously, I need to find a way to get over these things or get over myself. 

I made a list of the things that were making me the angriest of all the problems we are having, and there are five things that are making my blood boil.

So, I decided that a good little exercise for myself would be to think of TEN things that are making me over-the-moon happy right now, in the midst of the five things that are making me consider vehicular manslaughter.

1. Josephine is going through a phase in which she runs at me, arms spread wide, with wild abandon and great urgency, shouting "Mama, HUG!!!" -- about a million times a day.

2. My camera has made its way from the church where I left it to my brother-in-law's house, and by this weekend, it should have made its way to my mother- and father-in-law's house, meaning I should be able to go pick it up when I go to my doctor's appointment in Port Huron on Tuesday. This also means I will only be driving 40 minutes out of my way instead of taking a 4.5-hour round trip to the middle of nowhere to fetch it. THANK YOU ALL INVOLVED!

3. Josephine officially knows ALL OF HER LETTERS. She still has a little trouble saying "H," and sometimes when she sees a "C" she just turns it on its side and calls it a "U," but that's also pretty clever, so I'll take it.

4.Jeremy brought home Chinese take-out for dinner, which not only means deliciousness, but NO COOKING FOR ME. HUZZAH!

5. We got two A/C units for upstairs and we slept in relative comfort last night for the first time in a long time.

6. Josephine and I spent about a half an hour watching old videos of her on my phone today. This one pretty much takes the cake:

7. I took a nap today. A NAP. It was so glorious that when Josephine woke up from her nap, my nap-brain thought, "Maybe she's just goofing and will go back to sleep so I can too."

8. Someone posted a picture on facebook of Josephine in her flower girl dress (made with love by me and my mom)! You don't see much detail, but you get the idea. CUTENESS. She can rock any look.

9. Tetris on my phone. Try and make me feel ashamed. You'll never do it. I play it in bed after Jeremy falls asleep and while I'm trying to turn off my brain and wind down. Love it.

10. Josephine's new "chicken" sound. (We have a little chicken toy that makes a rooster cock-a-doodle-doo -- irresponsible to say the least, but it did bring you the following cuteness, so I forgive it)

Okay, that list might have been harder without all the cute Josephine bits, but I am okay. I will be okay. It will all be okay. Sometimes I just need to remind myself.

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  1. Look at you, thinking of good things when you're angry.

    I play tetris before bed too. The Prince gets mad because I can't help but make "OH NO" sounds when things start getting intense.


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