Monday, February 18, 2013


Well, it looks like the million-hour nap was a harbinger of things ... dark things ... to come. Shit.

My little bean woke up with a fever ("Are you hot, honey?" "No! Not hot at all! My feel great!" "Hmmmmm.") and shortly thereafter the fever spiked dramatically, she got those glassy red eyes, and she began hanging her mouth open in order to breathe ("Do you feel sick, honey?" "No! Not sick! My not sick, mama!!" "Hmmmm.").

Basically, she is sick. Apparently she is also not to be trusted. I wonder why she is telling me she feels fine? She has it pretty good when she's sick. I mean, come on. Bed on the floor in front of Thomas on repeat? What's not to like?

This cozy little scene lasted until the ibuprofen brought the fever down and she saw the monkeys on blanket, realized she was in a bed, started singing "No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed," and then ... you know where this is going, right? Jumping. On the bed.

Come on, Josie. What did the doctor say?

At least she is taking a nap as we speak. And she drank a lot of water! That's ... excellent nursing on my part, right? Just nod.

Anyway, my sinus infection/upper respiratory infection combo (TWO! For the price of one!) is getting steadily worse, and although Genevieve struggled with a fever all night she woke up in high spirits. So high, in fact, that she thought all those pesky "naps" I kept talking about today were optional.

Ten minutes in the crib and I feel GREAT! Refreshing!

Anyway, plague house, blah blah blah. Thankfully I made a fantastic pot of chicken noodle soup last night, because the leftovers served as my breakfast and lunch. 

What else is new? 

Oh! Jeremy and I got iPhones on Saturday (they were free, so we couldn't very well say NO, now could we?), so if you have any app recommendations (I used to have an Android, so I know the basics, but most awesome apps aren't available on the Android), let me know, post haste. I would like to geek out as quickly as possible. I will also need some educational/kid app recommendations once I settle on a case and screen cover and will let Josie within 20 feet of the thing (Made of GLASS? Really? Just say it out loud. Sounds pretty stupid, now doesn't it?). I think my favorite part of this whole thing is the fact that Jeremy SWORE up and down that he would never own a smart phone. Unnecessary! he shouted. Silly! he exclaimed. Heh.

Genevieve is scooting like you wouldn't believe. She was just below me as I began typing this, and now she's across the room, flinging clean diapers every which way. She's happy, so I'm leaving her to it while I type and listed to Soapdish in the background (Yes! It's on Netflix! I love this movie eversomuch and haven't seen it for years! And bonus -- baby Robert Downey Jr.!)

(Drat. I just went and fetched her from the corner of the room and discovered a runny nose suspiciously similar to the one Josie had a few days ago. Blankity-blank germs. Grumble grumble.)

So summing up -- sick house, need iPhone tips and recommendations, want to hear your favorite part of Soapdish or illicit a promise from you that you will watch it ASAP and then come back here and tell me how right I was and it's the best movie you've seen in years. Now chop, chop, people! Get to your tasks!


  1. For an iphone case we love our Otterbox Defenders...Jax likes to eat my phone (and he screams if I take it away so he usually wins), and I have dropped it numerous times and the case rocks. Sort of pricey and not that cute, but worth it. I know like 8 people with iphones, and all of them use the same case.

    As for apps...we have one called Peekaboo that Jax likes, and we also have a handful of Fisher Price apps that I find to be terribly irritating. For adult friendly apps I like PicFrame for photo collages, Simplenote to sync grocery/todo lists between me and the husband, Pinterest for obvious reasons, Etsy so I can spend lots of money on handmade trinkets, & WomanLog for tracking um, woman things.

    Hope your littles are feeling better!

  2. Fruit ninja is a fun game. And it's free. I also love Shazam, which is an app that recognizes clips of music and tells you the artist and song title. Also, My Fitness Pal. It keeps track of calories and exercise and shows ratios of carbs/protein/fat per day.

  3. My kids have been sick for TWO WEEKS. It's obscene. My house smells like bleach and I've been doing the mommy nurse thing. I haven't gotten sick yet. But I take Jackson to school today and a kid sneezed on him. If there was ever a time I'd want to punch a kid, it was then. Watch us all get sick again.


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