Sunday, February 17, 2013

What the ... What?

That pesky virus. Josephine gave it to me, and then Genevieve found herself virus-y as well in the past few days. Based on Josephine's symptoms and then my own, which follow the same pattern, I know what to expect from Genevieve, so I guess that's a bonus.


Things got a little crazy last night. 

Since Friday, I was having very bad feelings regarding my symptoms. I was pretty sure that I had something in addition to the virus, but was afraid to express these feelings aloud to Jeremy. When I woke up Saturday with a migraine, sinuses full of gunk, and my sore throat worse than ever, I had to admit that bad times were coming. But it was just me, so as long as the girls didn't get sick, we were fine.

Josephine acted fine all day, and then dilly-dallyed around, fighting her nap (big surprise), and didn't fall asleep until 3 PM. Not ideal, but it's been happening here lately, with no ill effects. In fact, when I was having my most recent big "Josephine won't take naps anymore!" panic, I realized she just wasn't tired enough to go to sleep at normal naptime (12:45), but a few hours later she was dead tired. I decided to risk moving naptime back to when she was actually tired instead of letting her play around in her room for two hours and get herself all worked up, and therefore already over being in her room by the time she was tired. It worked like a freaking charm and I have no idea how it did, but she would take a nap from 2-5 PM (!!), get up, eat dinner, play with dad, then bath time at 7:15 sharp, in bed asleep by 8 PM, up in the morning between 7 and 8. Seriously, it shouldn't work, but it was.

Anyway, lost myself in the details there, but late naps are no biggie, and even when she resists for an hour, it has still been working out fine -- either she takes a short nap and is up by 5 PM or she takes her full 3-hour nap, gets up at 6 PM and still goes to bed by 8. Strange, but true. Last night ... she ... didn't wake up. 

By 8, we were freaking. By 10, Jeremy suggested we sneak in to make sure she was still alive. By 11, my stomach was really churning. When will she wake up and how miserable will our night be? By that time, I had added horrible hacking and aches and chills to my repertoire  and Genevieve was also restless and congested, totally unable to sleep anywhere but laying on my chest. 

She woke up at midnight. Jeremy looked panicked, but I said, "I've got this."

I went in there, changed her diaper, and asked if she wanted me to sing her a song so she could get back to sleep. She obliged.

Then she woke up at 1 AM. I told Jeremy to tell her it was night time and sing her a song. He did. She fell back asleep -- and slept until 7 AM on the nose.

Now ... what the FRESH HELL was that? She slept from 3 PM to 7 AM with only two five-minute wake-ups???? She has absolutely no other symptoms anymore -- no rash, no fever, no runny nose. Is she still sick? I am stunned over here. As you can imagine, that has never ever happened, and I am still freaked out today. I have been analyzing her every move all day. If it were you, would you just be glad it happened or nervous and ready to call the doctor?

In the meantime, I need to rest my pretty head, as it appears I have my body's favorite combination -- the old sinus infection/upper respiratory infection combo I get a few times a year. I'm gonna go cry in my bed until Genevieve wakes up from what will surely be a 20-minute or shorter nap.

But seriously. 3 PM to 7 AM. I await your tales of similar strangeness or further recommendations. 


  1. I wish I had a tale of similar strangeness!! Hahaha Growth spurt? Gotta get in your sleep for those. I would say as long as she is her normal self today, I wouldn't worry about a thing and chalk it up to a little gal who needed some extra sleep to kick the rest of her sikies. I hope you feel better soon. I had a sinus infection once while pregnant and I thought I was dying I was in so much pain. Feel better!!!

    1. Yeah, I'm just hoping that's what it was. And sinus infections are truly terrible, aren't they?!

  2. My kid sleeps A LOT when she is sick but nothing like what you described. I would think that if she is acting fine now then it's all okay but I would totally be freaked out too; easy to react sanely when it's not my child!

    1. Yes, totally freaked out. But it helps to hear a rational point-of-view, which is why I posted it, so thank you!! :)


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