Monday, March 17, 2014

Hey, I Tried

I just spent a good deal of time writing a post, and when I sat down to re-read it, thought, Well ... this is stupid. So, instead I will show you our St. Patrick's Day pictures and tell you a funny Josie story.

I forgot about delightful celebratory foods, so I gave them unlimited pickles for lunch (hey, they're green!). You would have thought it was Christmas! I imagine their insides are currently pickling themselves.

As for the the Josie story: For the past few weeks, Josie has been having trouble with naps. She's still tired enough to need a nap, but she's going through something and is having a hard time falling asleep consistently. She either skips her nap then yawns and cries and tells me she's tired for the rest of the day; falls asleep immediately and sleeps for three hours; or plays in her room for the entire naptime, and then falls asleep one minute before I'm going to let her out, sleeps for three hours, then doesn't wake up until dinner time. This is not ideal.

Today when I was putting her down for nap, I tried the usual "You're going to win the sleep race and fall right asleep, right?! I knew it! High five! I'm so proud of you!" but her response was a bit lackluster. Since she didn't seem too into the idea of going to sleep, I explained (as I have many times before) that if she fell right asleep and took a good nap, there would be time for reading and games and fun projects before dinner, but if she monkeyed around, there would be no time for anything fun.

She responded, very seriously, "Oh, wow. Thanks for explaining that to me, mama. I understand now."

I asked her, "So, no monkeying around, right?"

Her response? 

" .... Welllll ... just a little monkeying around. Only a little! Deal?"

Oh, how I love that child.  


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