Friday, March 7, 2014

Josie Says, Vol. 4 (Josie-isms)

Josephine is growing up awfully quickly lately. Luckily, she's still little enough to have some delightful Josie-isms that make us smile. These are a few of my favorite that I want to remember forever: 

        Grad-u-mations [decorations]

        Sell-a-kin [skeleton]

        Yes-ta-day [yesterday]

        Kur-kur-ins [curtains]

        Mersh-a-null [commercial]

        Otta-bim [ottoman]

        Chicken and dunk-lins [chicken and dumplings]

        Scoose Meece [Excuse me]

        Puh-sided [decided]

        Uh-fore [before]

        Mystery mark [question mark]

        Oh, fishel-sticks [Oh, fiddlesticks]

        Chicken doodle soup [chicken noodle soup]

I know it sounds silly, but I'll be really sad when she pronounces all of these correctly. Until then, I'll be making lots of chicken doodle soup.


  1. We still call cookies, "tu-ties" and the remote, the "be-mote" and the movie Cheaper By the Dozen, "Cheecher By Doesn't", at our house and probably always will! <3 (We do not however, still call kitties by their other name anymore...that was one we tried to forget!) :)

    1. Ha ha! Jeremy and I often still call Josie our "sweet little bay" because that's how she pronounced "baby" for a long time.


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