Thursday, April 3, 2014

Inconvenient Truths

Genevieve is going through something (developmental milestone?) that is causing her to wake up at least once a night again. I am also back to my normal insomnia problems, and on the best of nights, I fall asleep around 12-1 AM. Genevieve wakes up EXACTLY when I finally close my eyes. EVERY NIGHT.


Some days I spend a bit of time on my couch -- reading stories, snuggling with the girls, taking five minutes at nap time to put my feet up before I get stuff done. Other days, I spend five minutes or less on that couch, and the rest of the time I am running around like a mad woman. BUT, no matter what, WITHOUT FAIL, I am sitting on the couch when our mail carrier walks in front of our huge picture window. In his mind, I live on that couch. I want to change his opinion of me, but I am unwilling to spend an entire day on my feet just so he can't catch me sitting down.


We have dedicated an entire shelf in one of our kitchen cabinets to broken items that need to be super-glued back together. AN ENTIRE SHELF in a kitchen that is seriously lacking in cupboard space. Something else broke? Put it in the super glue cupboard. That's a problem for Future Veronica.


Jeremy shoveled a path through the five feet of snow (that stayed in our yard from November until THREE DAYS AGO) from our back door to the girls' playhouse. Cleo thought that was the best place to do her business (even though Jeremy shoveled an area for her, too). Not only do we now have a path of dead yellow grass leading to the playhouse, but Cleo also settled on dropping her deuces right in front of the girls' playhouse door. Now that the snow is gone, she thinks that's her official pooping spot, so it looks like I will have to remember to take a bag with me every time we go outside, or I will be cleaning a lot of little girl shoes this spring and summer. YUCK. 


Josie has a musical instrument hidden in her room. It's hard to describe. It sounds like a harmonica mixed with an accordion (I KNOW). Anyway, this instrument is hidden in her room somewhere, and when she is supposed to be taking a nap, she takes it out and plays it just loudly enough for me to hear and get all mad (WHAT IF SHE WAKES UP THE BABY?!?!). I choose to ignore it, because if I go in there to tell her to be quiet, it gets her more determined to stay up and skip her nap, but if I ignore her noise, she eventually gets bored and falls asleep. Dang if I forget about that instrument every day once nap time is over and forget to take it out of her room. I only remember when she's playing it again the next day.

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  1. LOL....the shelf of broken things totally got me.

    I hope Genevieve gets to sleeping better, sorry Mama!!


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