Saturday, October 3, 2009

Top 5 Reasons I Know I am Getting Old

It has recently come to my attention that I am, sadly, old beyond my years.  People who are older than me usually just laugh at me and tell me to wait a few more years.  However, I don't know many people my own age who can say the following five things.  Or, maybe there are plenty of you.  Let me know if I am not alone. :)

Well, on to the list, in Letterman style ...

Number 5:  Even though I often struggle with insomnia, I find myself falling asleep everywhere else at inopportune times.  Like on the couch while watching a show I have been dying to see all week.  Or during the last ten minutes of a movie that I have been thoroughly enjoying. 

Number 4:  I get mad at noisy children, tweens and teens.  I have even been known to utter the phrase "when I was a kid, we were only allowed to scream if we were dying."  Seriously.  I say this out loud.  And I have said it more than once.  Which leads me to ...

Number 3:  I start sentences with "when I was a kid."

Number 2:  Sometimes I make strange and labored old-people noises.  As if it is really such a task to get up off the floor or lift a heavy basket of laundry.  To be fair to myself, I only let them slip after long days when I am whipped.  But to be fair to others, I should admit that 27 is much too young to be straining to do things my body should easily be able to do.  If this is my level of functioning now, what will it be when I hit 40?  Lordy ...

And the Number 1 Reason that I am an old lady is ... I LOVE listening to NPR.  It is all I listen to when I drive now.  And I find myself nodding, tilting my head to the side, or making "hmmm" noises when I hear something thought-provoking.  I will even hear something and IMMEDIATELY need to call Jeremy to share, discuss, or debate (not that we often disagree on things political.  I LOVE that!). 

So, those of you who doubted me before reading?  I am sure you are now convinced.  It is a sad state to be in, but things could always be worse!


  1. This is why I love you. Hahaha

  2. If you get old, then what happens to me???

  3. Mom -- this doesn't mean you are OLD, it just means you are GETTING old.

    Plus, you will always look much younger than you are. I, on the other hand ... the other day I had a student who had just told the class she was in her 40s say to me, "I think I am older than you ... it's hard to tell."

  4. Funny! I can relate to some of that.

    The 'when I was a kid' is my current favourite when I'm telling off my little monsters!

  5. Funny! I can relate to some of that.

    The 'when I was a kid' is my current favourite when I'm telling off my little monsters!


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