Thursday, July 8, 2010

In Your FACE, 4th of July!

Hey suckers.  What did you all do this 4th of July weekend?  Probably something lameballs like sit in lawn chairs and eat someone else's BBQ that may or may not have made you puke later in the evening (sorry, Brandon), right?  Ha ha ha .. so ordinary.

I am guessing you did NOT do what I did: attend a toga party thrown by YOUR PARENTS.  Boom.  I bet you all feel pretty silly now.

Because I got to dress like THIS (in a bedsheet from my childhood):

And my husband and sister rocked out some wicked cool sheets for their togas and enjoyed multiple free drinks (while I enjoyed multiple free shirley temples):

I got to share a romantic dance with my husband (while he desperately arched his spine and pretended that my massive preggo belly was NOT an issue while slow dancing):

Oh, and did I mention there were PRIESTS there? (identity obscured because I don't want to go to hell):

I also got to witness my parents being schmoopy:

And my dad acting like a whackadoo:

So, all in all ... I WIN!!  But I hope your weekend was lovely nonetheless (I'm not heartless).


  1. Somehow...something just seems very wrong with parents throwing a toga party. Because I remember the toga parties I went to in college and's not what I want to envision my parents doing. Yucky.

  2. This sounds AMAZING. Sadly, all I did was eat pizza and watch the antics of the insane people in the apartment pool from my boyfriend's balcony. I also nearly witnessed an amateur firecracker show burn down the building. Good times?

  3. That's fantastic! Looks like it was a ton of fun! And you totally win the most fun holiday award....because I had to work. ALL day. boo!

  4. SAS -- well, there were priests invited, so I pretty much assumed it would not be like my college days toga parties! :)

    The Raisin Girl -- I hear you on the people trying to burn down my neighborhood thing. My dog hyperventilated from 8 PM until THREE AM when they finally quit shooting off fireworks like 5 feet from my house.

    Lisa -- Haha, it was, thanks! I used to always have to work on the 4th too. In fact, I have no idea how I managed to get away scot-free (is that how that expression is spelled?) this year!

  5. Your dad looks EXACTLY how I pictured Socrates in first year philosophy! Best party ever!

  6. nadiwoo -- Thanks! I think he's got a good look going on. He gets compared to Santa Claus a lot too.


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