Monday, September 19, 2011

Funny Stuff My Husband Says, Vol. XIV: More Evidence My Husband is the Man of My Dreams

He leaves me warning notes.*

He totally gets me. While he does tease me about thinking everything and everyone is a murderer, he realizes it is a part of me. What a fella.

*Clarification: I am not THAT crazy that I need to be reminded about everyday occurrences like postal workers coming to my home. This was a scheduled special delivery, and I don't get many visitors. Therefore, a knock on the door would have been likely to set off my "I don't want to get murdered today" warning bells.**

**Also, who's 29 years murder-free? YUP. This gal *Victory fist pump*


  1. LOL- I totally think anyone who rings my doorbell is there to murder/rob/sexually assault me. I never answer it. Though, it probably would be smart to look up the stats on how many murderers/burglars/rapists actually ring the doorbell before attacking their victims. I also fully believe that most of our neighbors are serial killers, and when the dogs locked me out of the house, I 100% refused to go ask any of them if I could use their phone. I walked 10 minutes away to use the phone at a restaurant instead. Fooled you serial killer neighbors!

  2. The second footnote is hysterical! Way to go Veronica!

  3. EXACTLY. Serial killer neighbors are TRICKY. But you are much smarter. Bravo.

  4. As I always say- All notes that are about murder should end with a heart symbol.

  5. I'm almost 31 years murder-free. I'm winning!

  6. It's kind of a rule in our house. Yours too?


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