Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Baby is Demanding. No Idea Where He/She Gets It.

I think maybe this new babe wants to make sure I remember he/she is around. That little beansprout sure is making a lot of waves. Such is the life of a second child, I suppose.

I have already been back to the doctor for a few more complications, and this time I got to see the doctor who delivered Josephine. She knows me much better than the midwife, and based on all the problems I was having, I got an antibiotic (yuck -- just something to add to the nausea) and a quick peek at the baby.

Now let me back-track a bit (I'm nothing if not confusing). At the ER, I spent an HOUR in the ultrasound room, and did I get to see the little tadpole? NOT ONCE. Did they ever say "Things look fine"? NO. Did I eventually start crying a little and say "Is there a baby in there and is it where it's supposed to be"? (At this point I was exhibiting some symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, so I was in full freak mode)  Yup. And guess what that stupid chick did? PAUSED. She PAUSED. It felt like a full ten minutes, but was at least a full 30 seconds. Long enough for me to have three heart attacks. Then, she says ... get this ... "Well, I see the beginnings of what could one day become a baby ..." Good god. All I wanted to know is if I was still pregnant and it was in my uterus. Tell me that and I will leave you well enough alone. We don't need to have a whole big debate here. I know that thing inside me still has a little bit of a tail and is only the size of a lentil, but for PETE'S SAKE, it is my BABY, so just tell me "everything looks okay" and you don't have to be politically correct for fear I will sue the hospital.

Anyway, that was a very long way of saying that even though there have been many bumps in the road already and I have been concerned for my little beansprout's well-being, I have never been given assurance through seeing him/her or hearing the heartbeat.

BUT, last week my doctor said "Well, I know the ultrasound tech is on her way out for the day, but I bet she will hook you up and let you see the baby and hear the heartbeat. Will that make you feel better?" 

Yes, of course, but then there's the whole thing about her actually thinking it was something that was worth being done. My practice is very hands-off (like the only ultrasound you usually get is the big anatomy check at 20 weeks, no matter how much you beg) -- they only give you an ultrasound, even brief ones, for very good reasons. So I now knew that my doctor was perhaps concerned enough to want to check to see if things were okay. Sooo ... you take the good with the bad, I suppose, but I SAW THE BEANSPROUT! I don't want to sound braggy, but the ultrasound tech was like, "Since it's so small, it's hard to make out the body ... " and I interrupted her and pointed it out. Luckily she's nice and kept her thoughts on my know-it-all-ness to herself. 

Anyway, it's a tiny little gummy bear (today it is about one-inch long!) and it was pretty hilarious to see how HUGE my uterus is compared to that tiny thing. It made me feel a little better though, because even though I'm a little flabby, this belly really is a lot of pregnant belly. My uterus takes its job very seriously and got right to getting huge, what can I say? Did I say uterus enough for you in this post? Uterus. That should do it.

ALSO, the heartbeat was 173 (at the hospital it was 130, which made me nervous), which is EXACTLY was Josephine's was. :)

Josephine was with me during the ultrasound, and she just sat in a chair next to me and stared at the monitor. She was SO good and such a big girl. She melted my heart. 

So, to sum up, little beansprout is doing just fine, and the bean is cuter than ever. In fact, if you made it through all that, here is your reward: pictures of Josephine playing dress-up with Jeremy while I was at work yesterday!

 That's a scarf, a crown, and one hand in two pairs of mittens that are still attached.
 Apparently we love excess!
 Cheese to the extreme!
 The queen takes an almond milk break.
 Jeremy said she got into the tupperware cupboard and wouldn't let go of this plastic wineglass for anything. Sorry if this offends you, but we find it funny. :)

My little movie star. <3


  1. I'm so glad both your little peanuts are doing well. Also, I want to kick that first ultrasound lady in the face for you, just so you know.

  2. I wish I could make it easier for you...

  3. Ectopic pregnancy? Eeek, that scares me too and I'm not even pregnant.

    Thanks for the positive updates!! :)

  4. oh good god, i would have been an absolute mess. my clinic is hands off too (no ultrasound except 20 weeks!), and when i went in at 11 weeks to hear the heartbeat, they couldn't find it. the ONLY thing that kept me from losing it completely was how nice the midwife and tech's were...they got me an u/s right away and i could see my little gummy bear. such a sweet relief, but sorry you had to go through that. you really should have kicked her in the face! :)

  5. Wow, cute baby girl she is. All picture are really eye catching.


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