Monday, January 30, 2012

Super-Low-Cal, Super-Easy, Super-Delicious Cake

Super-Low-Cal, Super-Easy, Super-Delicious Cake

Has everyone seen the "Diet Soda Chocolate Cake" thingy? If you're on Pinterest, I'm assuming you have, because I see that pin ALL the time.* I've heard most people credit the idea to Weight Watchers. Well done.

Basically, you use a chocolate cake mix and 10 oz. of Diet Coke, bake according to box directions, and BAM, less than 100 calories with lite whipped cream.

I have been meaning to try it for ages, but now that I'm having a hard time with most (all) delicious foods, the thought of chocolate cake just seemed like too rich. But I have been craving sweets, so I figured I could find a way to lighted it up. I read one person tried the recipe with chocolate cake and diet cream soda (although she added two egg whites, which seems to negate the point of the cake, but whatever) and I knew what I wanted to do. Ready?

White cake mix and DIET CHERRY 7-UP.

IT IS DELICIOUS. Simply divine. Light, sweet, excellent flavor. In the summer I would toss fresh strawberry slices on this and call it a fancy dessert for company.

And that's the story, my friends. How I made a delicious and practically no-calorie cake. The combinations are endless. I want to try diet orange pop and vanilla cake mix next - orange creamsicle!

*If you're not on Pinterest and want an invite, shoot me an e-mail (see Contact in the tabs)


  1. Oh yum. I made strawberry creme cupcakes once with strawberry soda, and they were delish too!

  2. Kristina -- it's literally just a box of cake mix and a can of whatever Diet pop, and then follow the cooking time on the box. No eggs, oil or water. So easy! I'm gonna put this on your facebook just in case.

  3. yellow cake mix + a can of diet sierra mist is my fave way to make this! it tastes like a really moist yellow cake - you can't even tell it's low fat. and for a frosting, we mix a box of sugar free fat free vanilla pudding with 2 cups milk and a tub of cool whip. it is to DIE for.

    and now i'm craving cake...haha

  4. I made this tonight with chocolate fudge cake and diet Dr. Pepper. I also added a box of sugar free / fat free chocolate jell-o pudding. So it's extra moist. SO good!


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