Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Game Changer

I've been lying to you. And I'm sorry. I'm SO very sorry. It wasn't a straight-out lie. Like when I tell strangers their children are "lovely." That's code for "killing me." This lie was a lie of omission. But it ends now.

It is why I haven't been posting lately. Because there were SO MANY things I could not share because I would be found out. If I told you what my life has truly felt like for the past few weeks, the jig would have been up. But now I'm free to tell you.

Are you assuming the reason I am stalling with the news is because it is the most earth-shattering news you will hear all week? Maybe that's true. No promises.

Oh, how I wish I could peer into your minds and see what you are imaging! 

I knew she starting hooking! 

She got a book deal AND signed with a record label? I'm so jelly!

She finally got her tail surgically removed!

She had a TAIL?!?!!?

You're truly fans. And friends.

Okay, that was too much build-up, but I can't take it back now (no, I DON'T have a delete button).

Here is your one and only clue:
Got it?

Yup. It wasn't Irish twins, but as close as I could get 'em! Josephine's second birthday will be August 9th, and baby number 2 is due August 27th. If this one is as anxious to enter the world as his/her big sister was, then Josephine might have one HECK of a birthday week.

What else couldn't I tell you? THE SICKNESS!! OH, the nausea, the tireds, the crybaby syndrome. Lifting my head off the couch just recently became a thing of reality, and this was only accomplished by strong medication. Following a trip to the hospital. Yes! I had to go to the hospital and not call my mother in tears or ANYTHING! Here's a little rundown:

December 22nd: 99% sure I am pregnant. Don't want to highjack another Christmas with another pregnancy announcement. Decide to wait until after festivities to take test. Give Jeremy a heads up (he is unconvinced of said pregnancy).

December 23rd - 27th: Longest Christmas ever as I am exhausted, emotionally unstable, prone to crying and stealing food and hiding while I eat my second (and third) helpings in shame. 

December 28th: Am so ill I have to skip out on the last Christmas with dear, dear relatives whom I hardly ever see. Tell Jeremy we are taking a test TONIGHT. Guess what? That pregnant line showed up in about ONE SECOND. I tell Jeremy. He does not believe me. Then he believes me. Then we celebrate. Decide to wait a while to tell people (I have no idea WHY since, I can't keep a secret and will likely start to show ANY DAY. Remember last time?)

December 29th: Start talking baby names. Discuss the pros and cons of Girl-Girl and Girl-Boy birth orders. Sickness gets worse. Eating decreases even more.

December 31st: Jeremy's parents babysit while we have an anniversary date. Cannot believe we are not telling them. Am so nervous. This is the last night I remember eating a meal.

January 1st - 5th (let's get things moving, am I right?): Become more and more ill. Daily food intake is generally three crackers with laughing cow cheese, a cup a tea, a handful of grapes, and a pathetically small serving of whatever I made the other people I live with for dinner. While breastfeeding. Crying increases. Learn to stop bending at the waist, because any time, I do ... bad things happen. The thought of food makes me gag.

January 6th: The thought of water now makes me gag. At 8 AM I have half a glass of water and two ounces of a protein drink. When nothing else is consumed by 3 PM, I call my doctor. I am sent to the Emergency room (maybe I will recount that whole experience, because it was something else). After an hour, Jeremy has to take Josephine home. I turn into the saddest sack ever at the hospital, all alone. After two liters of fluids, I am still showing signs of dehydration. Tests show MINOR complications (not sure how to feel about these yet), but overall healthy pregnancy. Doctor gives me anti-nausea meds. I am skeptical since my foray into this in my last pregnancy was a bust. Still feel pretty miserable when I get home. Friends stop by and our cover is likely blown. They are nice enough to pretend they don't know I'm pregnant.

January 7th: Get my prescription for anti-nausea meds filled, pop one, and a half an hour later, SWEET RELIEF. I ate, I drank, I sat upright. Which is a good thing, because my parents and sister came to visit. We told them, because I REFUSED to sit alone in a hospital again with this pregnancy. I need to have a shoulder to cry on, even if just over the phone. I'm selfish like that. Plus, I'M PREGNANT!!!!!! YAY!!!!! A NEW LITTLE LOVELY BABY WHO WILL LIKELY LOOK EXACTLY LIKE MY HUSBAND BECAUSE APPARENTLY I WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE SLIGHTEST IN MAKING JOSEPHINE!!! 


January 8th: Tell Jeremy's family. Get rave reviews.

January 11th: Finally manage to finish contacting the remaining immediate family members and share the good news.

Today: Jeremy gives me the thumbs up to share with the Internet.

It's been quite the ride, and the craziest bits are still ahead of us, but we are oh-so-excited. :)


  1. YAY YAY YAY!!! Congrats -- hoping for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy for youse :)

  2. Congrats, that's awesome! I'm new so I'm not familiar with your last pregnancy, but I hope this is a good one for you!

    I'm so jealous, rub some "get knocked up" germs my way!!

  3. Oh my gosh. CONGRATS!!!!! I am so excited for you!

  4. Congratulations! I hope it gets better from here.

  5. Yay!!!
    I'm glad the anti-nausea meds are working. One of my friends said that preggie pops worked for her (but they appeared to just be ginger lollipops and were kind of expensive, so she also was kind of irritated by them). The best thing, she said, was that she could just lick them slowly, so it was easier than having to swallow anything, which is often difficult when one is nauseous (as I am sure you know).

  6. OM MY WORD! HOORAY!!!!!!!!! That was actually my first guess. ;) So excited for you and your family!! That's a sweet, sweet photo of Josephine! She will be a stellar big sister.

    All my pregnancies were awful on me, so I definitely can commiserate with you. Super glad your nausea pills are helping, I still have to take mine or I'm feeling like a dead woman....and I'll be 22 weeks!

    YAY!!!!!! ;)

  7. I'm super excited you have baby #2 coming! :) Having a girl as your oldest child is awesome and she will become super bossy. Olivia basically thinks she's a mini-mommy to Jackson, and has put him in time out. Several times. She's kind of hardcore with behavior and maybe that's something to worry about? But I do know that Jackson wont' get away with anything because Olivia? Can't keep a secret and thrives on telling everybody what everyone else does. :)

  8. mkpheartsnyc - Thank you so much! I would certainly love that!

  9. Ashley - Well, let's just say it was "not pleasant." :) But I came out of it with a healthy baby, so we like that.

    I rubbed my belly on the computer. Now rub yours on the computer. BOOM. Knocked up.

  10. Mari - Yeah, my nurse said it was cheaper to just sip on ginger ale, but man that stuff has a lot of sugar. I would like if they had little hard candies, like Jolly Rancher style, and they were also very cheap! Perfect!

  11. *ny+Mama Hauck - thank you, thank \you! I think Josephine will be a good big sister, too. :)

    22 weeks and still on the meds? Good lord! Hope you are feeling better soon, too. It's hard to have pregnancies like we do, because I get accused of complaining too much, especially when the baby is healthy. But it is LONG and HARD when you are so sick! Guh!

  12. *ny+Mama Hauck - thank you, thank \you! I think Josephine will be a good big sister, too. :)

    22 weeks and still on the meds? Good lord! Hope you are feeling better soon, too. It's hard to have pregnancies like we do, because I get accused of complaining too much, especially when the baby is healthy. But it is LONG and HARD when you are so sick! Guh!

  13. SAS - Thank you! Ha! Yes, I was the oldest to a little brother, and I was convinced I was also his mother! We might have a little bossy boots on our way, since she already tries to boss US around!

  14. Yay!!! congrats! i'm due July 10th so i am pretty psyched to have a veteran mom to follow who's also preggo :)

  15. Congratulations! I don't like babies, but you make nice ones. Well, Jeremy makes nice ones. You're a pretty good incubator, though.

  16. Awwwww, thanks for sharing the happy news! Congratulations. :)

    Btw- I think Josephine looks like an even combination of you and your husband. I definitely see you in her face.

  17. Alone with cats -- thank you! I know babies aren't for everyone, so from a non-fan, that's quite the compliment! And yeah, I do my best at the incubating. It's the least I can do.

  18. YLIDHAG -- Thanks! And thanks -- I HOPE she's got a little of me in her! :)


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