Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cell Phone Treasures from My Sis

My sister took more pictures of Josephine when she was a little Bean-let than I knew, and she recently sent them all to me. I realize not everyone needs to see even MORE pictures of my baby, but I just couldn't resist this self-indulgent post. Some are adorable and some are ridiculous. I love them all. Enjoy!

{still in the hospital!}


{love a sleeping baby}

{more sleeping, same day. such a life.}

{just snuggling}

{she used to ALWAYS sleep with her eyes open a little -- freaked me RIGHT out}

{she made this face a LOT}


{i wasn't prepared for this photo!}

{she used to do the mouth-open sleep a lot, too!}

  {she MIGHT have been comfortable}

{there are no words.}

All classic Bean. Thanks, Victoria!


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