Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cloth Diaper Poll!

Cloth diapering peeps, I have two very important questions for you:

1) What do we think of the bumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Diaper?

bumGenius Freetime All-In-One One-Size Cloth Diaper
(I'm thinking snaps because I am having some velcro issues at the moment)

I'm not sure how new this diaper is, but it is the first time I am considering it, and having used cloth diapers for a year and a half now, the main feature I am attracted to is also the one that is giving me the most pause: It is all one diaper -- no stuffing, no inserts, just a solid ol' diaper that you toss in the wash.

I love it because YAY, throw it all in the washer and dryer and then it's ready to use! No assembling for hours a week! Double yay!

BUT, I fear it because I am currently doing another huge long strip on all my bG 3.0s (Through no fault of their own -- I can only assume -- these diapers are the bane of my existence. The 4.0s are awesome. Did I ever tell you how I solved that whole funk problem I was whining about before? I'm thinking I didn't, so maybe I will do that soon. Sorry for that tangent.) and have already spent TWO DAYS trying to get the inserts to an acceptable state. So, are the diapers really going to get clean enough if the inserts can't come out? 

However, in reading the description, it says the inserts are "semi-attached." What this means, I could not tell you. Maybe there's a video out there I can watch. And all this rambling was premature. But STILL, I love the opinions. So give them freely if you could.

2) Does anyone out there have any experience with cloth diaper "Pull-Ups"? I am considering them and wondered what the overall consensus was on them? Worth it? I'm sure it depends on how long your kid actually needs them before being fully potty-trained, which, unfortunately, cannot be accurately predicted, but anyone with experience who is willing to fill me in would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, clothies!


  1. I'm still preggo with number 1, so I'm only semi-helpful, but we are planning on buying the BumGenius elemental dipes. They must be really similar to the Freetime as they don't have inserts (that was my main selling point) so I'm curious to see what people think of the Freetime!

    This YHL post about the elementals is part of what sold me on them:

    And I also read good reviews on Amazon and Cotton Babies.

    Hopefully someone is more help than me - I'm curious too :)

  2. Thanks, Maggie. I remember looking at the elementals when we were pregnant, but went with the 3.0s and 4.0s ... for some reason? Reviews maybe? It all seems so long ago, haha!

    Hopefully I get a few more comments so we can get some info!

  3. I think the "semi-attached" means that the insert is stitched to the diaper at the top, so it doesn't come out completely like the 4.0s, but I'm unsure on these particular ones if there's still a pocket you stuff it into or if it just lays flat like a soaker in a fitted (I haven't seen/used the Freetime AIO so I can't speak from experience).

    If your inserts are stained (not sure what you mean by needing to get them in good shape) have you tried sun-bleaching? Just lay the damp inserts out in the sun and it's amazing how the stains disappear. That's how I got rid of those mustard yellow EBF poo stains on all my prefolds.

  4. Oh, I just looked at the drawing of the diaper on the website -- looks like the inserts are stitched on at one end but there's no pocket to stuff them into, so they're more like a fitted's insert would be.

  5. Yeah, I know absolutely nothing about fitteds. I guess I'm easily confused. :)

    The inserts for our 3.0s get STANKY and DARK very fast. It's just insane, since I stripped them all and got them good all at the same time, and the 4.0s are still pristine, but the 3.0 inserts are terrible. I got the stink out and now I am trying to sun bleach the color out. It is taking forever. :(


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