Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Pretty Dang Nice Little Weekend

I know it's a Tuesday, which is a pretty weird day to wrap up a weekend, but I've been fighting a virus since Thursday, so cut me some slack over here.

On Saturday morning I got up before everyone else (blech) and went to two mom2mom sales with my mom. It was so worth getting up early, because I got two overflowing bags of very nice clothes AND a toy bowling set I think I'll save for Josephine for Christmas ... all for $20! One of the sweaters I got ALONE would have cost $25 new. Holla! 

By the time we got back, Josephine had just rolled out of bed, and my mom got out ten mini pumpkins and a bunch of doo-dads and let her glue away (she used extra strong Tacky glue and there was no dripping or slipping at all). She LOVED it! Look at how festive our TV looks now!

I think my favorites are the spiders ("piders") (yes, obviously my mom helped her with those) and the ones with all the googly eyes.

Josephine is very proud of her work.

Jeremy was pretty peeved that it was raining on Saturday, since he had planned to do two days worth of yardwork this weekend ("We're running out of TIME, Veronica!!"), but he DID paint the hallway, which was in dire need of freshening up. It looks fab now, and he did in in the span of Josie's naptime. Very efficient. 

Then, Jeremy's parents came and sat with the babies while we went out to dinner. 

Sunday morning dawned, and there was no more pesky rain. I stayed in bed with a very unhappy Genevieve (I'm fairly certain she has whatever virus I have, poor dear) while Jeremy and Josephine tackled the yard. Josephine also showed Jeremy how to start the lawnmower (not really, jerks -- no need to call CPS) (this time).

Eventually Genevieve let me strap her on and join the fun outside. It was a beautiful day. We got lots of work done, and even met some neighbors we hadn't met yet.

Cleo supervised majestically from one of the flower beds.

I haven't shown you this yet, but this is my favorite tree in our new yard. It looks like two trees hugging (or making out, depends on who you are, I guess). 

Next, we introduced Josephine to the wonder of jumping in leaves. At first she was skeptical.

But she figured it out soon enough.

Sidebar: Jeremy worked his A off raking the front and back yards (I did some, too!), and ... this is how our yard currently looks:

When he got home from work last night he got all mad at the trees, and when I laughed, he said, "Can't you see I'm in the fight of my life against these leaves?!?!?!" Love that guy.

Next, we headed to an orchard/pumpkin patch with my mom and dad, where Josephine spent a great deal of time climbing on bales of hay. 

She decided the best way to choose her pumpkin was to sit on every one. Okay.

I wanted a family photo, but didn't want to unstrap a finally-sleeping Genevieve, and Josephine wanted to look at pumpkins, not the camera, so this is the best we got.

Much like the failed attempts last weekend at a family wedding.

Seriously, this is what passes for a family picture around here.

Anyway, after a scrumptious dinner at my parents' house, we headed home for an early bedtime. 

And finally, I'll cap this off with a gratuitous photo of my adorable baby. Because I can.


  1. I know this probably makes me the most horrible blog reader ever, but I'm looking at those pictures trying to see evidence of the haircut. LOL.

    Looks like you all had a great time!

    1. Not nice!

      Just kidding, I assume everyone was doing exactly that. Suckers! My hair is in a perpetual ponytail!


  2. Other than the sickness part, it sounds like you all had a fantastic weekend!! Pumpkin patches are always fun. Love the photos of Josephine putting her bum on each pumpkin to pick one out! And family photos....SO HARD TO DO. It's only by my mighty will (and bribery) that I get a decent photo with everyone looking. *sigh* LOVE the pumpkins! Especially the spider one....yes, great minds think alike. Your mom must be awesome. ;)You can't go wrong with googly eyes! Great score on the clothing. I desperately need to go shopping. Hmm...think I covered everything. Oh! I LOL'd at the comment above. You look fantastic!

    1. Thank you, thank you! Always love your comments. Such a sweetie, you are! :)


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