Thursday, October 4, 2012

We Always

I've been watching my seasons of The Office while I get up in the night with Genevieve, and last night I caught the "Launch Party" episode. In this episode, as Michael and Jim drive out of the state of Pennsylvania, Michael blows two kisses to it (one for him, one for Jan). 

Other than making me laugh, like Steve Carell always does, it reminded me of something. I am VERY interested in hearing people's "We always" things. You know, every time _______________ we always _______________. 

I know it sounds lame, but not only am I interested in hearing them, but I would like to adopt some for my kids. I always loved having little things like that. In our house, every time you happen to be looking at the clock and it's 10:10 or 11:11 or 12:12, you get to make a wish. Jeremy just told me that every time his dad drove through a tunnel, he would honk his horn for the kids, and they thought it was the best thing ever.

So, what are your "we always" stories? 

I would LOVE to hear these, and if we get nice collection, I could post about them and put them all on display. 


  1. Every time it's someone's birthday in my family, we wake him/her up early in the morning with a cake while singing Happy Birthday before opening presents, so that the day becomes special from the start.
    As kids we loved this and only realized much later that not every family does this - and we pitied the kids whose birthday only "started" in the evening.

  2. If you're holding hands and have to part to go around something, we say "bread and butter."

    Driving up to a red light, we blow on it to turn it green (from Corrina Corrina)

    When I lived at home my mom would wake me up singing Happy Birthday, and now she always calls me on my birthday and leaves a voicemail singing Happy Birthday. I have 3-4 of them saved :)

    My brother and I used to like to spend Christmas-Eve-Eve sleeping in the same room as the Christmas tree :) Now we're too big to both fit on the couch.

  3. Every time we see an ambulance with lights and siren, we say a prayer.

    I make a wish at certain times on the clock, too. My favorite is 12:34.

    And you get to make a wish when the clsp in your necklace has moved down to the charm.

  4. Every time Friday night rolls around, we always let the kids camp out on our bedroom floor. They get a kick out of it. We figure they won't always want to sleep with Mama and Papa, so we cherish this time.

    Every time we drive through a tunnel, we hold our breaths. I don't know why, lol, just because.

    Every morning(and I mean every. single. morning.) when the baby wakes up, I always sing my "good morning song." I made up this song when Anthony was a baby and have since done it for Molly and now Timothy. Everyone in the house knows it. My hope is that they will sing this silly song to their kids one day.

    Every Christmas Eve we let the kids open one gift. We always put out milk and cookies for Santa and write him a note. Santa always drinks his milk, eats his cookies, and writes a note back. Santa never wraps his gifts, he leaves them unwrapped and out in front of the tree so the kids see them first thing. And we save our Christmas stockings for last on Christmas day.

    When we make pancakes (every weekend), we put chocolate chips in half of them.

    Every time we sit at the kitchen table, we always sit in the same seats. The kids will tell you if you sit in the wrong one. :)

    Hmm.....there's more, but it's hard to remember them all!

  5. If we are on a car trip that takes us across a state line, we put our arms out and stretch forward, pointing our fingers to see who "gets in first". First fingertip across the state line wins! Then we blow kisses out the back window to the state we've left behind :-)


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