Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Josie Says

Josie: I heard a really loud noise, and I got scared, so I ran to the neighbors' house* and I hid in their rowboat** to be safe.

*Nope. Didn't happen.
**They don't even HAVE a rowboat.

Josie: Who made this quilt?
Jeremy: Granny.
Josie: Oh. Who made this doll?
Jeremy: Well, that doll came from a store, so no one we know made it. Someone made it in a factory.
Josie: It came from a store?
Jeremy: Yep.
Josie: A store like Meijer?
Jeremy: Sure. Probably Meijer or Target.
Josie: *thinks quietly for a minute* But, did Uncle Luke make it?
Jeremy: No, Uncle Luke didn't make this baby.
Josie: I think Uncle Luke made it. 
Jeremy: Okay.

Josie: I don't have any dog bones in my butt.
Veronica: ...
Josie: But your doctor office does*.
Veronica: My doctor's office ... has ... dog bones ... in its butt?

*We were driving past the doctor's office (that I went to ONCE, six months ago), but the dog bone thing? No idea.

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