Monday, July 29, 2013

Made it this Weekend

Just a little bragging, folks, don't mind me. 

We have a three-page-long list on our fridge of things to make, fix, paint, or clean before the girls' first/third dual party in less than two weeks, so I made us a pretty freaking long list for this weekend. And we KICKED BUTT. 

There were multiple shopping trips for supplies, lots of cleaning and organizing (even -- this is embarrassing -- an entire BEDROOM in our basement that I had turned into the "throw crap in there to deal with later and slam the door shut on the way out" room), painting (walls, trim, the hallway linen closet, AND ceilings -- kill me), AND I made a bunch of stuff. 

I know, right? Too bad we are not even close to being done. *Womp womp*

But, I made these things all in one weekend ... and got the world's dreariest Monday to take pictures of them all (oh well, please excuse the terrible picture quality).

I recovered the so-dark-brown-they-were-almost-black roman shades with this beautiful fabric. This is on the back wall of my living room and to one side of the side door (the one most people use -- don't even get me started). I've been wanting to do it forever, but after painting the trim white, it became even more necessary. 

And here's the "matching" widow on the other side of the side door and in the eat-in- part of the kitchen. At least this picture has a little bit of natural light.

This project was not hard at all and would have been super fast if I hadn't accidentally cut the strings while I was working and had to figure out how to re-string them. Ahem.

I've had the supplies and intentions to make this next project for more than a year, and I finally did it. This is the little half wall as you walk from the kitchen to the living room. To the left are the basement stairs and to the right is the side door. Sorry about not being able to take a head-on shot, but the pesky flash, you know.

This project was also easy peasy.

This final project that I made for above Genevieve's dresser/changing table took much more effort, but it's not like it was brain surgery or anything. I'm most upset about the lack of sun for this picture because I couldn't get it clear enough or from a good angle. Each of the butterflies is only attached by the body, and the wings are lifted off the paper so they look like they are flying in the shadow box. Again, I was planning this and had all the supplies since before GiGi was born (sigh) but I finally spray painted the shadow box, punched out the butterflies, chose the pattern, and glued them all painstakingly on in rows. I love it. It looks about a million times better in real life.

And hey, we also managed a visit to the Bologna Festival (the free balloons were the best part, apparently):

A cookout and parade viewing with friends:

And dinner with Granny and Gramps.

And I am dead. 

BUT, it's looking like the only rooms we won't have completely done by our one-year house-versary will be the kitchen and our bedroom! That doesn't sound all that great, but we have worked our butts off in the other rooms and the yard (dear god, the yard). Hopefully I will be able to do before and after pictures in a few weeks. Things are looking up! Now just two more pages of things to complete! Oh, wait ...

My feelings on the remaining list. Home-improvemented out. 

I can't wait for next weekend. :/


  1. You make such beautiful things! I love the butterfly box!

  2. You make such beautiful things, I love the butterfly box!

  3. Wow! You're amazing! Love love love the shades!! Where did you buy your shadow boxes? I can't find them in store around me. Hard working Mama.

    1. Thank you! Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? They have a decent selection of shadow boxes that ar 50% every few weeks or so, but there's always a 40% off one regular-priced item online if you can't wait.

  4. No Hobby Lobby, which seriously bums me out as I hear it's amazing. We just have a small Joanns Fabrics. Ahh well, guess I will stick to buying stuff online and having it shipped!


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