Monday, July 15, 2013

She Just Has So Many Feelings

About forty minutes after going to bed tonight, Josephine started sobbing and screaming something unintelligible from her bedroom. She never does that, so after waiting a minute to see if she'd calm down on her own, I went in and asked her what was wrong. 

Me: What's wrong, angel?

Josie: Well*, I just want to vacuum ALL. BY. MY. SELF.**
*She starts pretty much every sentence lately with a long drawn-out "Welllll ..."
**She's obsessed with vacuuming. She's do it all day if I let her. 

Me: Oh, you heard me vacuuming, huh? I'm sorry, honey. You can vacuum first thing in the morning if you want. 

Josie: *sobbing escalates*

Me: I'm sorry, honey, but it's bedtime now, so you can't vacuum, but you can in the morning, okay?

Josie: *sobbing escalates even more*

Me: Sweetie, I said you could vacuum in the morning. What's wrong?

Josie: Well, I just love to cry.

Me: You what?

Josie: I love to cry. It makes me so happy!

Me: You ... do?

Josie: Well, YES!

Me: Ummm ... well, do you think it might be easier to fall asleep if you stopped crying?

Josie: Well ... yes.

Me: Okay, how about you take a deep breath and count to ten.

Josie: *takes a deep breath and counts to fourteen*

Me: Now close your eyes and think of something happy.

Josie: *Lips start quivering, tears well up in eyes, starts crying again*

Me: Josie, when I asked you to think of something happy, did you think of ... crying?

Josie: Well, yeah! It just makes me happy!

Me: *Sigh* Let's start over ...

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