Saturday, July 20, 2013

This Week (plus links)

So, I wrote a few things for the Sean Purcell Photography blog recently. First up was a fairly heart-warming post in which I count my blessings (something I need to do more often, it seems).

The second post talks about how nervous I was to have not only a family photo session, but a lovey-dovey one with me and Jeremy to make up for our dreadful wedding photos. I talked a bit about how I'm uncomfortable with my looks, and, I've gotta tell you, when I posted the link on facebook and people were commenting left and right that they thought I was beautiful? I eventually started to feel like Kelly in the "Weight Loss" episode of The Office when Michael makes her stand up on her chair and has people shout out things they like about her. At first she's hanging her head and embarrassed, but then she slowly lifts her head and asks "What else do people like about me?" 

But then, of course, I immediately thought of Phyllis and laughed and got over the desire to pull a Kelly:

Anywho, if you're interested, follow those links (bonus: You will get to see some sneak peeks from our portrait sessions. If you're into that sort of thing, of course).

In other news, we had a mighty busy week. We did a bunch of fun things despite the high heat index (feels like 105 ... YUCK), but that just meant packing lots of extra water, sunscreen, hats, and a spray bottle of ice water with which I compulsively spritzed the girls (they ADORED it).

Josephine and Genevieve were in a PARADE for the first time!

Waiting to line up -- she was a leeetle excited.

Wet spots on my shirt are from J squirting me with the spray bottle. I swear.

She shouted "I'm in a hip-hip-parade!" the entire time.

I also took Josephine to the family night at the Blue Water Festival where she got her first taste of a bounce house and her very first pony ride! 

She had a blast, but unfortunately, when she tells people about it, she only says "A big guy CUH-RASHED into me in the bounce house and I CRIED. Then mama popped my balloon." 

I swear, I was holding her balloon animal to keep it from popping on the pokey grass like her friend's did and it just popped in my hand! There was a pop every two minutes at that place. Maybe the heat? Anyway, try explaining that to an almost-three-year-old. Or to all the people in line for the pony rides (she went up and down the line and told every single person -- through tears -- "My mama POPPED my balloon!"). 

Plus storyhour, pool time, playgroup, a visit to Granny and Gramps and a visit to Grandma and Grandpa. Quite the week.

Hope you all had a great week too and no one popped any of your balloons. 

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  1. Love all the cute pics of the girls. :) And LOVE the sneak peek. I want to see more....ASAP! Pretty Mama.


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