Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay, moms -- I need help!  Josephine started sucking on her hands and finger a LOT, and I wanted to replace that with a pacifier.  Thankfully, she recently realized that sucking on a pacifier is soothing and lets her actually go three hours between feedings (HALLELUJAH!), but ... well, let's just say she doesn't fully understand the concept of "sucking."  This has also made breast and bottle feeding EXCRUCIATING.  She pushes out with her tongue when sucking, so when I put the pacifier in her mouth, she pushes it out on the first suck.  Since she is obviously not old enough to hold the pacifier in her mouth or to pick it up and put it back in when it falls out, the only way for her to use the pacifier is for me to hold it in her mouth for her, and let me tell you, while it is great that she is calm instead of crying, it does not make my life much easier in terms of actually being able to DO anything, since I have no free hands.

Here's the question:  WHAT THE EFF DO I DO?  I have tried both the "orthodontic" shaped pacifiers and the "hospital soothers."  She likes the orthodontic shape much better, but she cannot keep either in her mouth.  I was told you cannot put duct tape on your child's face to keep the pacifier in place.  Heh.  So what do I do?  Help, please!!  

To make up for such a lame-balls post, I have a teaser for what is coming up when I have two free hands to type with:  Evidence that I have at least ONE enemy who is out to get me.  GUH!!


  1. HEY! My friend Kelli had the SAME problem with her son Oliver and I forget what the official name is, but basically he can't suck. So now she has to use a special bottle and pump like a crazy woman but at least feeding is no longer a huge nightmare. And she's not homicidal- so it's a win for everyone.

    anyways. As far as pacifiers, my daughter only liked the ones that were green that had a hole in it for my finger. My son? Hated sucking on it and preferred to suck on weird stuff like socks. Whatever. Use whatever works! My friend used to give her baby a mini-whisk. He'd go to town on it. LOL!

  2. I could never get Jos to keep a pacifier in her mouth...she always would spit it out and then get super pissed! Finally when she was around 3 mths old she found her thumb and it has been heaven ever since! I know lots of ppl are against the thumb, but it saved my sanity. Also, my bro just had his 4th kid and they are firmly against the thumb, but their 4th decided she wanted her thumb anyways and that was after a few months of successful pacifier usage. She will figure out how to self soothe herself eventually...sorry I wasn't more help!!! Good luck!!

  3. Has your ped checked her for tongue tie? If not, I'd def have them check that to make sure, because that can cause major pain while nursing.

    My kids didn't take pacis, so I don't have help with that, BUT... do you have a sling? A wrap? Anything to strap baby to your chest and free up your hands? Those things are worth their weight in gold. If you have a Bjorn/Snuggli.. ditch it. Find a Moby or ring sling. A Moby is a long piece of stretchy material, and it's a learning curve to wrap it and tie it on your body, but it's a LIFESAVER. Once you get it tied on, you can pop Josephine in and out as needed. Bonus is that you can nurse with it on once you get used to it!

    I hope you can figure this stuff out soon. I think you're doing a fantastic job. :)


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