Friday, January 28, 2011

End-of-the-Week Randomness

Because this is what it has come to ... lots to say and not a lot to say about it.  Take it or leave it, folks.  It's Friday, after all.

1.  Did you hear that Will Smith wants to remake Annie with his daughter, Willow?  No.  Just no. I will not stand for this.  Two reasons: 1)  Annie is perfect and beautiful the way it is, and makes my heart sing, and 2) as a comedian on Chelsey Lately pointed out, how ridiculous would it be hearing Willow Smith singing "It's a Hard Knock Life"?  Because her dad is WILL SMITH and her life is SO not hard knock.  Case closed.

2.  I was trying to pretend like Josephine was not outgrowing her 6-month clothes.  I was trying so hard that I actually got to the point where she burst out of her clothes and did not have a SINGLE outfit that actually fit her, causing me to do an emergency Target run to get a few onesies, pairs of pants, and sleepers.  Let's hope I get over that "denial" thing before it comes time for her to switch to 12-month clothes.  (I probably won't.  Just being honest.)

3.  Speaking of Josephine, I have no idea how that little punk is growing so fast since we are currently entrenched in what might be the most epic of all nap-boycotts.  Not only is she skipping her morning nap altogether (even though she is clearly exhausted), but she waits and waits and waits until she is completely over-tired when it comes to her other naps.  She is fighting like crazy and crying and screaming and then all of a sudden BAM, like a narcoleptic.  It is not ideal.  To say the least.  I endured a three-hour screamfest yesterday an hour before leaving to teach.  Ahem.  Not a good night for my students.

4.  Last week I finally gave in and decided that if I wanted to feel better about myself, it was definitely worth getting a haircut and actually DOING my hair in the morning.  I have not done this since I was 3 months pregnant.  (WHAT?  I look FAB in a messy ponytail.  I DO.)  ANYwho, I decided I wanted a little trim on the length and then lots of layers to lighten it up (even with the FISTfuls of hair I lose every day, my hair is still unmanageably thick), but I guess my hairstylist heard the "want to get rid of all the weight" part and cut off EIGHT INCHES OF MY HAIR THAT I HAVE SPENT THREE YEARS GROWING OUT.  But I'm not angry.  No.  No no no. I definitely didn't cry either.  No worries.

5.  People Magazine told me (like, in a phone conversation -- we're close like that) that the next season of Jersey Shore is going to film in ITALY.  I have like 15 different comments to make about that, but instead, I think I'll just let it sink in.  They are sending them to Italy.  Dear god.  

6.  After a failed attempt at trying to score baby clothes on major-major clearance yesterday, I decided to go to Target to spend one of my gift cards from Christmas to make myself feel better and give myself a little "me" present.  What did I buy?  Cat food and concealer.  Class-tastic.

7.  Try and tell me this side ad that keeps popping up on my facebook doesn't look like a brain on a plate.  

AAAANNNDDD, now you know what it is like to be inside my scrambled-up brain.  I haven't even used any illegal drugs to addle my brain-parts.  Frightening, huh?



  1. I hope you grow out of your baby clothes denial soon. Because I know from first hand experience how scary it is to CUT clothing off a child. Seriously. Jackson's clothes were all a size bigger because the terror from that one episode of Olivia set me straight.

    AND... both of my kids stopped their morning nap around 5 months. I stopped trying with Jackson at 3 months because it was clear he wasn't having it. BUT I did get them on the early lunch (11:00) and nap at 12:30 stage. Then they were up again at 3:30. GLORIOUS.

  2. I can't believe Stevie cut 8 inches off of your hair!!

  3. This post confirms my fear and hatred of hair salons, which is why Delina cuts my hair for me.

  4. Sara -- But she is SOOO tired when she is supposed to be having that nap! GUH!

    Jess -- Yup. She spent a lot of the time talking to Josephine, so maybe she was distracted during our consultation?

    Melissa -- This stylist has been AMAZING ... until this "miscommunication." It doesn't look like TOTAL ass, but ... much shorter than I wanted.

  5. Oh, and Sara -- cutting clothes off? YIKES! But I can totally see how that would happen. We came pretty close the other day.

  6. I completely agree about Willow Smith! I was never a big Annie fan when I was younger but my theatre company put on a show of it this year and the idea of her playing Annie makes me want to cry. Not literally (yes, literally) but yeah :(

  7. Shop local :) My friend has an EBay store called Wee Ones Epic Resale. Check her out she's got really cute stuff :) I have to also note that my captcha is sonabagg. Like a cross between sonofabitch and douche bag. Me likey.

  8. hahaa. It DOES look awful but one of the girls at work makes it and it's actually pretty good. :)

  9. hahaa. It DOES look awful but one of the girls at work makes it and it's actually pretty good. :)

  10. I can't believe Stevie cut 8 inches off of your hair!!


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