Saturday, January 8, 2011

Etsy Saturdays: XIII

In support of the handmade revolution, I bring you Etsy Saturdays!  I will highlight a fun new shop every week, and I hope you will stop over to see their merchandise or find something else you love while you're there.  To see all Etsy Saturdays, click here.
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I found these pet beds on Love Nostalgic Whimsy a long time ago, and they are still some of my favorite things on the planet.  

Pet beds, made of vintage luggage, with part of the purchase price going to animal shelters.  How perfect is that?

If my cat actually slept on things I bought specifically designated to be cat beds, I would buy him one ASAP, but his track record is pretty bad in that category.  

On to the beds:

Lovable Luggage Pet Bed - Reds and Browns - 2 dollars goes to tlccatrescue

Lovable Luggage Pet Bed - Upcycled Suitcase - White and Pink - 2 dollars goes to carescatshelter

Lovable Luggage Pet Bunk Bed - Upcycled Suitcases, Reclaimed Softballs - 2 dollars goes to TLC CAT RESCUE

I mean, come on.  A bunk bed for cats?  Who doesn't think that is fantastic?  Probably just people with stone where their hearts belong.  Just kidding, dog lovers.  (not really)

As usual, head on over to this shop, or any shop at etsy, and enjoy!


  1. Those are so fantastic! Of course my cats, much like yours, would sleep on a discarded plastic grocery bag before a $60 comfy bed. I bet the dog would try to squeeze her ginormous self into one, though!

  2. is it sad that I might want one? okay my cat would never sleep in it if I bought it but whatever. super cute!

  3. Lisa -- I know! My 70-pound dog would definitely try as well!

    Robin -- Yeah, I'm in the same boat -- I want one even though I know it would never be used by the cat! Cats. Sigh.


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