Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Many Costumes, Only One Child

So this is what I do: as soon as a holiday is over, I think of/find a million great ideas that I wish I had seen a few precious days before I did. Pinterest is making that MUCH MORE DIFFICULT. QUIT GIVING ME ACCESS TO IDEAS, PINTEREST.

Just kidding. You know I can't quit you.

Anyhoo, I loved loved LOVED Josephine's costume because: 
1) I made it
2) It was adorable (see reason 1)
3) I was the same thing at her age, and I'm nothing if not vain (see reasons 1 and 2)
4) JEREMY was the one who decided she should be a cave girl/Pebbles

So, all in all, blue ribbons and gold stars on that costume.

But, BUT, a 5-minute Pinterest session revealed some other winners from this year (I quit after five minutes because I started getting overloaded). Luckily, I will probably be that mom who never lets her kids choose and forces them to wear whatever she wants so she can vicariously live out her dreams. 

"Luckily" is the right word to use there, right? Yes. Right.

So, I pinned some winners onto my new Halloween Costumes board (because, why did I NOT have one of these before?), and even though I might need to pop out a few more babies to make these Halloween dreams come true, I'm totally committed to that.

Here are my top picks:

1. Cabbage Patch Kid
Pinned Image
Oh my god oh my god oh my god -- if you have a kid whose cheeks are always getting pinched? Some yarn and a Cabbage Patch t-shirt, and you have an awww-worthy costume. 

3. Corduroy
Totally adorable; totally DIY-able. Love it!

3. Wayne and Garth
Pinned Image
i.e., another reason for me to wish for twins. Or just kids really close in age, I guess. No, twins. Sorry, Jeremy.

4.  A Rockford Peach
Although I'm sure Jeremy and I would spend the entire night asking each other "Can you read, honey?" and shouting "THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!" I think this costume would SOOO be worth it. 

5. Tiny Lucy
We Love Casey! photo
I actually have a feeling we might be able to do this in a few years with Josephine and use her natural hair. :) Now we just have to practice that look.

6. Where the Wild Things Are Cast
We just found the world’s best parents.
Even though this would require cooperation on Jeremy's part, and those wild thing heads look a little past my DIY skills, I still have high hopes for this one. Also, I'm pretty sure my little sister just had a stroke when she looked at this, so she might be willing to help.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: How could you NOT love Halloween?

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