Saturday, November 26, 2011

We also ate a ton of food and she wore a turkey shirt. Some things are just universal.

Yes, it's the obligatory "here's what we did for Thanksgiving" post. This one, however, is classy and awesome because I will be telling you all the things we did that probably made our Thanksgiving unique. Off we go:

1. Josephine greeted people by running up to them at the door and staring up at them.
Okay, she only did it once, but it was pretty funny.

2. We had special balloon time.
 Very special.

4. Josephine got a pink cowboy hat. 
It's a special "Thanksgiving pink cowboy hat" -- you don't have one? Huh.

5. We had access to THREE dollhouses. 

And now she's back to her dollhouse-less home. So sad.

5. Josephine learned the time-honored tradition of putting olives on your fingers then eating them off.

Olives FTW!

It's exciting time we live in, people. I hope you had a lovely holiday and have time to properly recuperate (Jeremy and I are currently on the couch working on exactly that). 


  1. Great pictures! Dad and I watched the movie we slept through yesterday again tonight...well, I watched the movie tonight!

  2. Such a cutie. I had that blue dollhouse as a kid, brought back memories!

  3. Mom -- I WILL make it through that movie someday!

  4. Shannon -- Thanks! :) It's at her Great Gran's house for all the littles to enjoy.

  5. Sweet, love the olive photos!

    I just wanted you to know I've been having some vivid pregnancy dreams and you were totally in one of them! I met you at your house and we went out on the town and had a kick-ass time! Too funny, right!? You pretty much were witty and cracked me up the whole time we were out....just like you do through your blog. Hehehehahaha Sooooo I dream about you. Must mean that if I lived by you, we'd be bff's. ;)

  6. Mama Hauck -- OMG, call the moving truck! You totally want to move while pregnant, right? Sounds good, bestie!


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