Wednesday, November 9, 2011


BIG NEWS: I actually had my hair and make-up done the other day. PLUS, I was wearing "people" clothes (i.e., not a ratty t-shirt with comfy pants). It was a BIG DEAL, and I wanted to try for a quick family picture. I really REALLY want some photographic evidence of our entire family looking happy and healthy and clean, and so far we are severely lacking in that area.

This is mostly due to two overwhelming factors:

1) I mostly look like THIS

2) I am always TAKING the picture (see pumpkin patch pictures for evidence)

So, Jeremy was looking like he always does (clean, handsome, etc.), I was looking as close to smashing as I get these days, and Josephine was wearing the Puffs and Pleats dress! And red sparkly shoes! And white ruffle socks! And a new red flower in her hair I made her the night before! And we were at my in-laws so there was a nice fireplace to use as a backdrop!

And this is the best picture we got ....

(I should mention that the skull is not there year-round. It was Halloween weekend. Unless you like that sort of thing. Then you can pretend my MIL keeps it up year-round.)

I thought this might also be an ideal time to get a picture of Josie in that dress I lovingly made her.

Wrong again.

Between my point-and-shoot camera, lack of photography skills, wild child, and dog, it is next to impossible to get good pictures of this child! But she is so beautiful! Why, universe? WHYYY? (*shaking fist to the heavens*)

But if you look at ALL the pictures, you can kind of piece together what the dress looks like, right? And I can photoshop a picture of my kid all smiling and happy into that other picture, right?

So beautiful. So natural. Now THESE are the things we will want to remember, not the real stuff. 

Also, did you know that picnik has a "whiten teeth" option? And a "weight loss" option? Good to know, good to know.


  1. Your "I mostly look like this" picture is pretty much a spitting image of myself every single day. I like to think of it as classy comfy.

    I started a new blog and would love for you to check it out. I've been a long time follower of yours and consider you part of my inspiration! :)

  2. Shannon -- it's actually a flattering likeness compared to what I *really* look like on a daily basis. Heh.

    Love the new blog!

  3. Veronica, I have to say.. the first photo you posted of yourself? You know, the one where you think you look bad? You still look GORGEOUS! I wish I was half as beautiful as you! You are so blessed to have such a beautiful family!


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