Sunday, October 23, 2011


And now, something I am sure you cannot find on any of your friends' facebook pages ... pictures of a kid in a pumpkin patch!!

I'm sure you were dying to see the Jack-o-lantern shirt in action, right? Well, the wait is over. Brace yourself for an insane level of cuteness.

Behold, my child:

She was chomping at the bit to explore all the nonsense at Uncle John's Cider Mill (let me tell you -- it's not just apples and pumpkins. HO no. They have ferris wheels and monster trucks and WAY too much stimulation for the likes of us me. We tried to keep things simple.).

We happened upon one scarecrow proposing to another. We later learned this was part of the scenery along the "train track," train rides cost $3, and foot traffic in this area was prohibited. Oops.

When you find a bin of apples (still on the train track), you must be IN it.

"Seriously, Veronica? We're doing this?" 

She got what she wanted, only to be whisked away as soon as she tried to eat an apple. Killjoy.

Things took an interesting turn when we happened upon a hay dragon.


"Are you seeing this thing?!?!"

Next, we moved on to the area designated for foot traffic. We had warnings to heed.

We headed to the "Kiddie Corral," but Josephine was only interested in "things of nature." 

I stopped taking pictures when she shoved a handful of gravel into her mouth. The fallout from that wasn't pretty.

Soon after, she started looking for a way to escape the Kiddie Corral.

We managed to convince her (for a short while) that the Kiddie Corral was the bee's knees. She played with giant wind chimes ...

 ... played on a wooden train ...

... rode the "cool bus" ...

(just like last year)

... and scoffed at hay Sponge Bob. We realized it was time for the main attraction.

Just to recap, this was how she felt about pumpkins last year:

And this year? After some careful exploration ...


Josephine and Jeremy set out to find the perfect pumpkins.

They found one!

Take me home, good man. 

A pumpkin for Josie?!?!

Look, I was there, too. :)

A perfect, pumpkin-y day.


  1. Ok, YOUR pictures and account of the pumpkin patch day? By far my favorite and I think I've seen HUNDREDS. Josie is one of the cutest toddlers I've ever seen. Ever.

  2. Aww, thanks, Amy! I know everyone thinks it about their own kid, but I certainly think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread. :)

  3. Soooo cute!! Seriously, that almost makes me want to have a kid! Don't tell my husband I said that ;)

  4. LOVE her little Converse and double-shirt ensemble. She is SOOO cute and getting bigger everyday!

  5. Those are some cute pictures!!! What a difference a year makes, huh? WOW!

  6. Alone -- I assumed they did. How could they NOT?

  7. You're Lucky -- The Converse were obviously a must.

  8. Katie -- I know! It's insane how fast they grow when they're little.


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