Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just a thought ...

Dear facebook sidebar ads,

I get that you want me to be a social worker. I totally get it. Placing an ad on my sidebar multiple times a day is definitely one way to try to convince me to go back to school to be a social worker. You got that part down. 

HowEVER ... the images you choose for these ads? Not working for me. And I'm going to go ahead and guess they are not working for other people either.

Allow me to illustrate.

Pictures of children (found through a simple Google search for "sad kids") that might make me want to be a social worker:

Pictures of children that will NEVER make me want to be a social worker:


Think about it?



source source source 


  1. LOL - seriously. Those ads drive me nuts. They are always trying to convince me to get knocked up. Facebook ads - if the constant harassment from every member of my immediate family isn't going to do it, a social networking site surely isn't going to convince me. So, get over it. No baby for me, k?

  2. Oh man. AWESOME. They keep telling me "hook up with hot singles!" and show my brother's face. Kind of effing gross no matter what state you live in.

  3. They sort of look like the dancing baby from "Ally McBeal." Way to stay current and relevant, internet advertisers.

  4. Lol - fuck those images, man. That shit's gonna give me night terrors.

    However, kudos on that one particularly nasty devil-child. Facebook should actually use that one on teenage account members' walls to keep them from procreating.

  5. Katie -- I know exactly what you mean. "Oh, she's a lady over the age of 21. I bet she has a baby or wants one!" Infuriating if you want one and can't have one (my case) or you don't want one and want to punch someone in the nuts every time someone brings it up (your case -- I'm assuming). Talk about assbutts.

  6. Sara -- Ummm ... what? That is super creepy. I would like to see it, however. What does that say about me?

  7. TILTE -- I know! That bitch gives me nightmares! But you're right; these images have their places in society. Facebook just needs to get their shit together already.


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