Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adventures in Child-Rearing

My kid is seriously growing up too quickly!

She plays with dolls!

She eats bubbles!

She talks on the phone!

She reads!

She swims!

She walks down stairs!

She eats whole apples!

Her fine motor skills are AMAZING!

Kind of a good news/bad news situation with that last one, however. She can do awesome things like use one little finger to push a tiny button, but she can ALSO do things like ....


I noticed she had it in her chubby little hand, and in the two second it took me to fly across the room and dive head-first toward her, she had it opened and ALL OVER. 

Hot pink, fast-drying nail polish. ALL OVER HER BODY. And her clothes. And a beloved stuffed animal. And her mother. And after I carried her in to the bathroom to clean her up, all over every inch of our bathroom.

Oh yeah. And all over our bedding.

If she is already this destructive on accident, I weep for our future.

BWAHAHAHAAA! Be afraid, lady. Be VERY afraid.


  1. Whoa last time I was blogging this child hadn't even been born. What a beautiful baby!

  2. Are a what, mom? I just keep waiting for you to finish this sentence.

  3. Kristina VanSickleOctober 7, 2011 at 6:55 AM

    She is so precious. I want to see her again soon!

  4. Freaking hilarious. I weep for our future daily...

  5. She is definitely precious when not destroying my belongings. ;)
    She told me she wants to see you again soon too!!


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